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Israel, Iran play down apparent Israeli strike


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 U.S. received “last-minute” information from Israel about the attack. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not dispute that, but said: “We were not involved in any offensive operations.”

Even US try to distance themselves from that escalation attempt.

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The article is an attempt to curb fear mongering

The real situation it's quite different

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When your rival has the Nukes, you better play it down.

Unfortunately Ukraine and Gaza DONT, if the did Russia and Israel would have done exactly what we are watching now.

This world understands one word these days and it is Nuclear.

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. "I think this was Israel’s way of just sending a message that we can reach you anywhere we want.”

Israel can also be reached at anytime

Not a good situation

Do we really believe Iran will not retaliate ?

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So now Bibi can turn guns back towards Gaza and continue with his Genocide.

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I am finding the way the Western Media report on this quite fascinating, as well as how prominent countries respond to the actions by different sides. Last week, there was mass coverage about Iran's attack, with prominent Western Governments being loud in their condemnation of Iran's attack. I don't think the same is true this week at all. The US notably silent on the attack, which means they are likely completely complicit in what happened. Knew about it, probably assisted Israel in planning, if not executing the strike.

But like the strike in Damascus, is it just my imagination here, or are things pretty.....muted again this time around?

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Ukraine had the Nukes, but wisely Putin with the help of NATO and the west worked out a deal and removed them and or destroyed them leaving Ukraine wide open for Putin and Russia to just roll in.

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Good. Deescalation is critical for the safety of people in both Iran and Israel.

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Weird relation between Israel and Iran.

Israel supported Iran with arms during the Iran/Ira war {1980 to 88 }

Israel supported Central American military dictatorships in El Salvador , providing that vicious regime with 80% of its arms {I'm guessing at the behest of the "commie hating Yanks " }

Israel was a major arms supplier to the military junta in Guatemala during that nations years of terror under the boot of the Army.

Even in the 1970's Israel supplied arms to Indonesia used to massacre Timorese resistance fighters.

Israel proxies in Lebanon, the Phalangists and Maronites , were green lighted to commit a horific massacre of women, children and men , in places where Palestinians lived in refugee camps.

Fast forward to today and Israel has proxies in Iran like "peoples Mujahidin of Iran " to whom it supplies weapons and intel.

In 2018 Israel directly bombed Iranian forces in Syria.

Israel has continued to assassinate, bomb, disrupt supplies of power etc in Iran over decades.

No....it's not some "more sinned against than sinning " little meek ,quiet country minding its own business.

It is a major player and contributor to war and violence all over the globe.

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Israel can also be reached at anytime

It can, but Israel has the capability to wipe Iran’s nuke facilities off the map.

Not a good situation

Then Iran needs to think deeply what it wants to do next, the mullahs need to think of this is all worth it.

Do we really believe Iran will not retaliate ?

They would be stupid to do so.

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Bass...look at the size of Iran, the population of Iran and its "professional " ,not reservist , army size and compare these to Israel.

Israel has few if any friend's in the region and its only supporter has ruled out supporting Israel if it attacks Iran.

Oil speaks louder than words.

If Iran and its allies block shipping the world goes into depression.

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"The situation between Iran and Israel is diverting attention from the domestic issues Iran is facing."

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How is Iran noting that the attempt by the Israeli regime to, for once, try and hit a target that has advanced protections, instead of something that relied on the international laws that are SUPPOSED to be universal, or the essentially undefended civilian targets the Israeli regime prefers to attack, was less of a problem for the Iranian Defense Forces than a routine readiness drill it 'playing down' the Israeli regime's effort to escalate its war on, well, humanity?

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Good. Let's Summer Donna.

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Of course there is nothing Iran can do but take the beating and be done with it.

Israel's superiority was well-displayed.

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Forgot to mention that Israel also Trained and Armed the White South African oppressive government forces that killed thousands of black South Africans, the very same government that established the roots of Apartheid world wide.

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