Israel moves to name Golan settlement after Trump


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I have to wonder what Trump gave them in exchange

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Occupying powers exercise no legal sovereignty over the territory they occupy. The Golan Heights belongs to the Syrian people. And an occupying power that transfers its own civilians into occupied territory for the purposes of colonization is committing a war crime.

I guess it's appropriate that Trump has a war crime named after him.

A grotesque honor from one criminal to another.

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Have Jared's fees for services rendered to Israel and Sheldon Adelson been reported?

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Just a hoax because it can't officilly provide support for the new settlement until after the new election in September, which was called because Netanyahu failed to form a minority colition government. Trump probably thinks it should be along the lines of a Trump Tower than an illegal settlement. The wife of Netanyahu yesterday became a convicted criminal and accepted a deal from the prosecutor. The prime minister is under separate criminal investigation.

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Oh boy, the American Left is going to go full on anti-Semite over this.

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Trying to cater to an egomaniac... disgusting.

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Trump Towers.  another monstrosity.

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Oh boy, the American Left is going to go full on anti-Semite over this.


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What's the difference between the annexation of the Golan Heights and Crimea? None!

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anti-Semite over this.

Which comments are anti semite?

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Dump is also trying to get Poland to name a military base after him in exchange for US military support. Most President's get monuments and places named after them for great accomplishments. Dump has to blackmail people and ask for a bribe. There is a reason why his name is being used in only war torn countries!

Poland’s new tactic for getting a U.S. military base? Pitch it as Fort Trump.

It was reported this year that Jared and Ivanka shell company received millions of dollars from foreign sources this year. How are they making money if he is working fo the government?

Is Jared Kushner being influenced by foreign money?

Company part-owned by Jared Kushner got $90m from unknown offshore investors since 2017

It was also reported that a lot of Dump's income last year came from his vacations to Mar largo as President and foreign dignitaries funneling money to his Washington hotel to get access to Dump. The only way he makes a profit is by breaking the law.

Trump is getting payments from foreign governments. We have no idea what they are.

Next, he will try to strong arm N.Korea for a statue.

What a criminal! How is that Nobel Peace Prize coming? LOL!

It says a lot about the people who voted for him.

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Dump is also trying to get Poland to name a military base after him in exchange for US military support.

Remember when the right went on for the last two years of Obama's presidency about "his legacy" and how evil he was for whatever they decided was something for his legacy?

And here they give Trump a pass on wasting national interests in doing something that is only for his legacy, and nothing else.

And they praise Dear Leader as the Vengefuly Sky Fair Returned himself, to "tell it like it is".

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Trump BF statue in a square in Pyongyang.

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"tell it like it is".

It is funny how people like bass, blacklabel, belrick, and others always Dump "tell it like it is". The irony is Dump is always in the media saying "I didn't really say that......" and playing the victim card.

LOL! He such a weakling.

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Trump is the proven owner of 10,000 lies in a short two year term probably more than 25,000 by the end when he'll be able to boast that he was the president in history who achieved more lies than any other one.

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They probably wouldn't name a dumpster after Trump in America, so he will pay money to other countries to do it.

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Which comments are anti semite?

Hi zichi. I've got enough experience on these forums, so let me take you through the right-wing's interpretations of antisemitism:

A right winger accusing George Soros of being an interloper who uses ill-gotten gains and is greedy and wants everyone's money (by spending his own(???)): not antisemitic.

A left winger saying that Palestinians shouldn't be murdered: antisemitic.

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Oh boy, the American Left is going to go full on anti-Semite over this.

What nonsense.

A clear majority of American Jews are on “the left”. They wouldn’t be there if the left were anti-Semitic.

Netanyahu knows Trump’s weak spot: his constant need for ego-stroking. Seems to be working.

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Oh boy, the American Left is going to go full on anti-Semite over this.


Two people are clearly trying to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. Repugnant.

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"Trump Heights" will never find its way into Arabic, but a much worse scenario would be if the recently renamed highest mountain in America, Mt. Denali, in a ceremony attended by Obama and which naturally aroused Trump's antipathy, were to revert to its former role of memorializing an assassinated US president. A Mt. Trump would be too much to bear on top of an orange Trump Memorial in Washington.

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The Golan Heights belongs to the Syrian people

That's like saying the Kurile islands or the Northern Territories as Japan likes to call them belong to the Japanese people. Japan lost them in the war.

Plus, look at a map of Israel and Syria. Who needs the Golan Heights more?

Perhaps Israel could give up a strip of the eastern section in a gesture of peace. But Syria is not getting back the entire Golan Heights.

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Unsurprising. But, when you look at Israeli tech - their Iron Dome... works better than the American versions... so who would you rather have on your side ?

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Just another nail in the coffin of the peace process.

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There is no peace process. You have one side trying to exterminate Israel, and one side fighting for it's life.

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