Israel pressing ahead with settlements despite U.N. vote


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What's wrong with building a nice new house.

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Israel under Netanyahu is an outlaw, racist regime. It doesn't speak for or represent Jews or Judaism, it speaks for colonists and oppressors.

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Nothing as long as you build it on yout own lega property.

The USA has been coddling Israel for way too long using its Veto right and I do hope they won't move their Embassy.

The UN really needs to remove those Veto rights.

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Another example of Israel’s blatant disregard for international law. Any other nation would eventually face sanctions (if not more) but good (not so) old Israel has no such fear, they know they can bomb, destroy, humiliate and build homes wherever they want with impunity.

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My point is that giving some nations veto rights is 'Animal Farm' in real life.

All Nations are equal but some are more equal.

Nuff said

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More isolationism for Israel.

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This is not going to stop Israel at all, what was Obama and the UN thinking?

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This is not going to stop Israel at all, what was Obama and the UN thinking?

Alternative being what exactly?

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All I can think of is the scene in "True Lies" where the Arab is yelling at the camera, : " and you call us terrorists?"

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The UN has no real power people should know that by now its more or less just a platform for nations to come to an agreement.

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@superlib...Kerry...remarks...resolve...oh please!!!... make it stop...he is...yuk yuk yuk... soooooo funny...

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