Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria


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Israel trying to start another mid east war. Sooner or later it will get the war it wants but it make get more than it bargained for.

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Israel loves to have US soldiers fight their ground wars for them while they stay safe in the skies above.

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Does Syria get to strike U.S. positions in Israel? Seems fair.

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Does the useless UN still need to exist? Can it be scraped already?

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Why does Russia keep allowing Israel to attack Iran targets in Syria - isn't Iran a friend of Russia

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Why does the world stand by and allow Israel and the US to bomb sovereign nations

without impunity? Why does the world stand by and allow Israel to commit genocide and war crimes against Palestinians? Surely, after 70 years it is time that these two warmongers are contained. Surely it is time the UN did its job and stopped being dominated by the US.

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US armaments in use all over the world. Without the arms industry, and constant wars around the world, where would the US economy be? -- down the drain.

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I'd suggest that the editor either take a refresher course on english, or geography.

Because the Israeli regime could NOT 'intercept a missile fired From Syria' when both the claimed launch site and target are within the borders of Syria.

The last surviving Apartheid regime may pretend that the Syrian territory it has ethnically cleansed and occupied is somewhere other than Syria, the way it pretends that a regime that denies residency and voting rights to half its legal population isn't an Apartheid regime, but that doesn't make it true.

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