Israel study: 4th vaccine shows limited results with Omicron


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safe and effective

safe and effective

safe and eff... err ... umm...

Take this otherwise you don't get a government controlled QR code that allows you to live in society.

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The vaccines have been safe and effective until Omicron, despite the illogical negative spin put on them by resisters. Millions of hospitalisations and deaths have been avoided so far thanks to the majority take up of those vaccines, and the evidence from all over the world proves them to have major ongoing benefits in avoiding serious illness. If they now prove to be of diminishing use (an assertion still to be tested) then so be it. Human scientific ingenuity has done us proud so far, and I’ve got no doubt we’ll continue to benefit from ongoing improvements and breakthroughs. In the meantime the vaccines are doing their job, and it ain’t over yet.

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It's really interesting to see a country with an extremely high vaccination rate still locked down and full of infections. Let's be honest, how effective if this vaccine really?

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This sort of proves that the science is not effective.

Of course, all these injections mean that there is a constant flow of money back and forth.

Someone is getting wealthy off all this.

However, I find that I can adequately control my own health with vitamin supplementation.

No more injections for me-no thanks!

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How nice of the Israelis to do all this extra boosting and testing for us. They are a brave people deserving of much admiration.

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This sort of proves that the science is not effective.

Not at all. the vaccines in widespread use were targeted specifically at the first variant.

They can make one targeted specifically for Omicron if needed but it will require a large lead time to distribute it world wide. It is not a case of one vaccine for all variants. They have found the first types have had success against the first three variants but only now is that effectiveness diminished. Time to release an updated vaccine targeting Omicron. The science remains solid.

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Just in time for big Pharma to bring out their new vaccine for Omicron think I will be giving it a miss.

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