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Israel to discuss Egypt's Gaza truce proposal; Hamas says no deal


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Hamas has said it wants Israel’s blockade on Gaza lifted, along with the opening of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt in any truce deal.

Do it.

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History has shown that compromise with Hamas is useless. The Palestinians could have had very everything that they wanted from Israel except for the destruction of the country, but Arafat turned them down.

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For the sake of the people of Gaza, Israel should finish the job of getting rid of the Hamas terrorists and their ability to fire rockets. Gazans are too terrified to speak out against Hamas. Those that do, or those who try anything in the way of reconciliation with Israelis, end up dead. Israeli Arabs say again and again that even if a Palestinian State were to be established, they would rather live in the liberal democracy that is Israel, with all its freedoms, unlike anywhere in the whole of the Arab world.

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Hamas started the barrage of rockets into Israel; it suited their purpose whatever that was. Even Abbas questioned the goal of the attacks and asked what they were trying to accomplish. It makes no sense, except that Hamas has been losing control of Gaza, and perhaps this is a way to tighten control. For the record, Israel has INCREASED the flow of goods into Gaza since the rocket attack in their stated goal "to try to decrease the suffering of the people in Gaza". It is Egypt right now that is sick of Hamas and has restricted movement and the flow of goods through the crossings that they control. Most of the time, the crossings from Israel into Gaza are open. I visit Israel often, and have many friends in both Israel and the West Bank. I can assure you that Hamas is not representative of the Palestinian people, and Hamas has a long history of oppressing the people in Gaza. Hamas has been urging people not to take shelter or leave when they are given warnings by the Israeli Defense Forces. They do not care about the people in Gaza.

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Lifting sanctions would only give Hamas time to get more rockets and other military equipment to continue its attack on Isreal. If peace and security for Palistinians is ever to be, Hamas must go.

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So for those who keep saying that Israel is the bad buy, they are at least willing to sit and talk, and yet Hamas is not. Hamas may not agree on some of the discussion points, but that is what you do when you have talks to bring up the points you disagree with and then try to find a solution. Just by saying "no" and continuing to lob missiles into Israel tells me that they are not really wanting to work out the issue. So the next deaths of supposed "innocents" that are blown to bits by retalitory Israeli stirkes are on Hamas and not Israel, since Israel is ready to talk.

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Hamas has been the answer to the radical Zionists' prayers, as it now gives them an excuse to continue terrorizing all Palestinian Arabs and constructing more illegal settlements.

Netanyahu just announced his belief that a two-state solution is impossible. (David Horovitz reporting in The Times of Israel.) At a press conference, Netanyahu said that he could "never, ever" countenance a fully sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank.

"Netanyahu's admission that he doesn't see a path to a truly independent Palestinian state serves no purpose except to convince that diminishing number of Palestinians who believe that the two-state solution is the best solution that they have no partner for compromise. As such, Netanyahu's comments are the rhetorical equivalent of settlement expansion in the West Bank. When West Bank Palestinians see new roads being built to connect settlements to Israel proper; when they see existing settlements growing, and hear of tenders for yet more dramatic growth, they ask themselves—as any observant person would—if the Israeli government is serious about allowing a viable Palestinian state to be born on land the Palestinians consider to be theirs."

Keep in mind that West Bank Palestinians are not Hamas supporters, nor are rockets coming from the West Bank. Bibi's punishing them too.

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yabits, hamas has been answer to noone, Gaza people hate them and afraid of them ( mind you Palestina arabs are primarily secular society and moderate muslim society ) - hamas took power by force killing many people and establishing strict sharia law. The sooner Israel pushes full force and gets its done, the better to everyone - Egypt should give a hand too .

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Aaahh....Today,,yesterday, last week...last year....for decades....centuries... Round and a round they go.

The perfect definition of insanity.

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Israel should double down. Hamas needs to be put out of its misery.

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Hamas also grew militarily because of frustration emanating from lack of any intent from the Israel side to respect the 1993 and 1995 Oslo peace accords that were the best opportunity to solve the conflict. The accords were signed by both sides but Israel back peddled on their implementation.

A fan of fiction are we?

The Palestinians once agreed to form a state that would coexist with the state of Israel.

Really. When?

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Alexische , your information is extremely skewed and mostly just simple propaganda Simple example would be you using the term Palestinians.. , its an incorrect term since no such state ever existed and a pigment of imagination really.

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Hamas will agree to a "truce" the moment they see an advantage in it... i.e. once their rocket arsenal is either destroyed or exhausted, and they need to replenish it. Until then, they will shoot rockets at Israel and enjoy the PR benefit they get from parading "victims" of any Israeli responses to their rockets. Of course Hamas interpretation of a "truce" is the arabic "hudna" which is not a truce as we would like to interpret it, but a period to regroup and regain strength before attacking again. We have seen this so many times before.

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Well, the latest is that Israel has accepted Egypt's proposal.

How far Egypt's military regime is trusted by Hamas (they resealed the Egypt/Gaza border after last year's coup) is to be seen. A bigger obstacle to any agreement, though is PM Netanyahu's recent rejection of the two state solution supported by global opinion and the IMF.

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Netanyahu just announced his belief that a two-state solution is impossible.

As-long-as the Palestinians and Iranian-backed Hamas are using Gaza and other PLO controlled territories as bases to launch jihad against Israel, no Prime Minister in his right mind would support a two state solution. Once the terrorism is halted, and only then, can the Palestinian state be established.

The average Palestinian has been exposed to decades of propaganda likening Jews to sub-human pigs. Despite that I would surmise that their are many Palestinians that don't care for the extreme Islamic ideology of Hamas and Iran. However with Hamas imposing itself on them the Palestinians they have little choice in the matter.

It is beyond me how so many are tricked into lending their indirect support to the actions of terrorists. It is possible to be in support of the idea of a Palestinian state and be against the attacks by Hamas against Israel. But the complete defeat of Hamas (and any similar group) is necessary before the two state solution can even be considered viable.

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The average Palestinian has been exposed to decades of propaganda likening Jews to sub-human pigs.

By contrast, the Israeli lobby just bullies those politicians and media that it cannot buy:


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The average Palestinian has been exposed to decades of propaganda likening Jews to sub-human pigs.

Please do not entertain us with your ignorance. The average Palestinian knows that Jews -- the Yishuv -- had lived in Palestine peacefully among Arabs for many centuries.

Then something happened around the turn of the 20th Century. I know darned well, wolfpack, that if a group of Mexicans decided they wanted to take back parts of the states of California and Arizona and they were willing drive out or otherwise kill the Americans who made the lands their home for less than a century, every American would be up in arms. And I don't think they would have flattering things to say about the Mexicans committing violence against Americans and taking their land back.

And yet here we have Jews in Europe plotting to take back land -- land that had been in other hands well over a thousand years, and lands to which they had no provable family connections. (At least we know that Mexico formerly owned most of the southwest -- that's beyond dispute.).

It is beyond me how so many are tricked into lending their indirect support to the actions of terrorists.

You are speaking about yourself there, wolfpack.

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You say you support Palestinians. Well, the Palestinians in the West Bank have made their peace with ZIonism. To the extent that they will deal with Israel.

Hamas has not.

It seems you support Hamas, and not Palestine.


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You say you support Palestinians.

You won't find any such quote from me. I can sympathize with a people who lived on land for many centuries having it stolen from them by force by people with no justifiable claim to it -- and I certainly would not want my country to support the murderers and thieves who took it from them.

Well, the Palestinians in the West Bank have made their peace with ZIonism.

Yes, they love it when Zionists take more land to build an illegal settlement. But that's been the game plan from Day One. Only a fool would claim there is peace.

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