Israel warns of attack if Russian air defenses used in Syria


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I agree that Syria shouldn't attack Israel planes in Israeli airspace but I think the Syrians are entitled to attack Israeli planes if they enter Syrian airspace.

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Boy, those Zionists are something else.

"You better not attack us if we illegally fly into your country to attack you"

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If Iranian forces were not in Syria and Iraq, Saudi inspired Radical Wahabbi Sunni Terrorist groups such as ISIS would continue their genocide against Shiites, Alawites, Yazidis, Christians and moderate Sunnis that refuse to convert to their warped hate filled version of Islam.

Bottom line - if Iran and their Shiite allies end up going to war with the Saudi’s and Israel we should stay out of it.

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If Israel attacks Russia, they will be wiped out and finally we will have peace in the Middle East.

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Goodluck, the collapse of the last surviving Apartheid regime in and of itself won't bring peace to the Middle East as long as the US can just switch to arming and protecting their other brutal, antidemocratic, militarily adventurous regimes (like the Saud crime family).

But it would start the process (after all, if a regime that the US is that determined to keep in place despite the will of its legal population is toppled, those subjected to the rule of that crime family will see hope that they too can be free)

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Maybe Israel should stop bombing other countries too?

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Hezbollah and Hamas are both terrorist groups supported by vested powers.

If Israel does not proactively defend itself there will be repeat of 1967 and nobody wants that.

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Bush & Fizz, the Israelis have made it clear that they are not attacking Syria per se, because Syria herself has never or rarely been a direct threat to Israel, but having said that self-defense dictates a need to attack Hezbollah and Iranian assets inside Syria. Both of these entities have repeatedly announced their active desire to destroy Israel, and Iranian weaponry has been used by Hamas and Hezbollah against her. The idea of oil and weapons pipelines passing through Syria alarms close neighbours in the region.

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