Israeli air strike destroys Hamas TV building in Gaza

By Bashar TALEB

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More repugnance from the human-rights violating Israelis.

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Surprised that building wasn't taken out years ago. Hamas should be forced to use social media to get their message out.

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How's that peace process going ?

Still lot of blood will be spilled for sure...

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“The flare-up came after a deadly Israeli special forces operation in the Gaza Strip on Sunday that left Hamas vowing revenge.”

And that was a group of Israeli soldiers illegally entered Israel to commit murder.

What a great pretext for war that is......

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The Israelis don't want peace in Gaza, they want to keep ordinary Gazans in a state of perpetual misery, and they're quite willing to provoke Hamas into retaliating to justify continuing the inhuman blockade, while all the time portraying themselves as the victims and the people they victimize as the victimizers.

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So, an Israeli regime attack on journalists doesn't rate condemnation despite it being a war crime in the furtherance of a Crime Against Humanity even without the focus on journalists.

Good to know where Japan Today stands on the matter.

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And the cycle of violence continues, as planned.

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Apparently started when plain-clothes Israeli commandos went inside Gaza for some reason

Got exposed at a roadside checkpoint

Gun battle ensued - an Israeli commando and Hamas soldiers & their commander killed

Israeli commandos had to fight their way back to Israel, with Israel bombarding the Hamas fighters in pursuit

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