Israeli aircraft strike Gaza as rockets fall


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The Hamas Charter calls for the destruction of Israel.

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The Israeli death machinde will not stop until Gaza is rid of all arabs. Those poor Gazans continude suffering must stop.

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I believe that Israel has every right to defend itself.

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Thenewfront at 09:12 PM JST - 8th March

“Gazans continued suffering must stop”

And it would stop in the Gaza’s idiot hamas stopped firing rockets into Israel. As usual some woolly minded liberal will always put the cart before the horse. Hamas instigates & Israel reacts & yes, they always do over react, but then that is what they said they will do, a warning that hamas always fails to take any notice of. My heart will never bleed for idiots, though some with an agenda or other blinkered view will do just that.

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I don't agree with Israel. Iremeber their massacres in the 80's under Sharon. They never learn. Seems like they think killing is the way to get their own way. They are not a diplomatic people and believe by their faith, that they are superior to the rest of us, and are actually the chosen people. Maybe taht is why they show such contempt to world opinion and for arabs lives. I also agree personal attacks on posters who disagree with you is out of order.

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Sounds like Israel attacked Gaza. But we know that the Israelites are always correct. < :-)

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grafton said:

Nothing happens inside Gasa [Gaza] that hamas [Hamas] doesn’t want to happen.

Our intelligence agencies spend millions upon millions of dollars to determine such information. They have to collect massive amounts of data. They have to trace events that happen back to their source and determine affiliations. They have to identify splinter groups and non-affiliated groups of Hamas. They spend countless years monitoring various individuals, groups and relationships. It is an incredible amount of work for our intelligence agencies. Too bad they don't just ask grafton because he could save them an awful lot of work.

grafton said:

Blame Israel all you want but remember that when you do you are by default supporting hamas [Hamas].

I suppose those of us who expect Israel to accept the 1967 borders and remove settlements that defy those borders are also supporters of Hamas. Hamas must just beam with pride when we ask for an equitable solution. Of course we cannot be deemed full supporters of Hamas we must just be partial supporters. Maybe those of us who condemn the violence on either side are supporting "by default" by exactly half. Those of us who recognize that Israel moved into a land occupied by others but still accept the 1967 borders must be doing Satan's work. Those of us who know that the very short time Jews inhabited Palestine does not compare with the thousands of years that the former and intermittent residents have maintained residence must be harbingers of Satan's philosophy. I have seen Jews condemn the violence of the Israeli government so they must also be Hamas supporters "by default." Actually if Israel is without any blame then it must be totally wrong to want peace. After all since the Palestinians have been trying to get a homeland for decades and if Israelis are without any blame then Israel was justified every time in preventing that from happening. Therefore according to grafton's logic until the Palestinians give up any claim to occupying land in the region Israel should continue to destroy the Palestinians.

What benefits does Hamas receive from our support? Just what is it that our support "by default" provides Hamas because we are able to equally distribute blame among the Palestinians and the Israelis? Many of us recognize it is not an equitable situation because Israel has had America as its benefactor from the time of its current existence. We therefore understand that a people wanting to have their own land to raise their children on are willing to use unconventional means to achieve that goal.

The Palestinians were the original residents of the region. The current occupation of Palestinian land by Israel was facilitated by religious motivation that consisted mainly of Christian support by nations. Israel and its advocates who claim that Palestinians should lie down and take it now are the same ones that accepted absolutely nothing for the Palestinians before the Palestine Liberation Organization led by Yasser Arafat fought to have a recognized homeland defined as a country. The conservatives in Israel are the main obstacle to peace. If Prime Minister Netanyahu governs as he has in the past his efforts will be guided by conservative/nationalistic motivations that will never result in peace.

Israel needs to get out of the West Bank including removing or abandoning all settlements. Israel needs to return to the 1967 borders including returning the Golan Heights to Syria. A U.N. peacekeeping force needs to be put in place heavily in Gaza and lightly in the West Bank while funneling in massive aid for the struggling Palestinian people. An aggressive economic rebuilding plan needs to be planned and carried out in the region.

The Palestinians will fight to have violators of the peace prosecuted if they are given these opportunities to function as a recognized country. It will not happen immediately and it is no excuse for Israel to sabotage the peace efforts by punishing the Palestinian civilians for the rogue efforts that will undoubtedly continue for awhile and then diminish due to Palestinian support of a peaceful solution. That is the one and only way to stop the rockets.

There is plenty of blame to go around; reject those advocates of a purest Israel that state you support Hamas "by default" just because you refuse to give carte blanche to one side; their side.

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It really is wicked the way the Isarelis have treated the Palestinians.

When i saw the attcks over XMas (of all times !!)i cried for hours seein all he dead and maimed children, the homeless and the genocidal devastation.

I honestly believe in all my heart, that anyone who approves of the recent Israeli behaviour is a homicidal maniac.

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Once again, I wonder why I even bother reading these stories on forums. It seems that a mojority of posters seem more intent about venting thier 'outrage' at Israel or Hamas or whatever, but it is in reality nothing more that chest beating and showing how much they think they know and/or care about a complex political and historical issue with no easy answer. Most of us (myself included) don't even think about it until we see or read about it in the media. We get outraged, defensive, rant and rave about this and that, let it sideline other just as worthy issues, then forget about it until the next article appears a couple of weeks later.

Is it possible to have a proper discussion about this subject without going to such hyperbole and superlatives about 'weeping for children', 'terrorists' and 'homicidal maniac'? Sometimes I doubt it.

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KumaNiku-right on. Debating this issue with reason seems to be impossible.

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The issue is if Hamas didn't order the attacking, what's to stop them from simply decrying the attacks that came from within their borders? As far as I know they have not done so, and the media here is decidedly pro-Palestinian. Israel must defend itself. They have repeatedly told Hamas that they would strike back hard if attacked, and Hamas refuses to listen. If a person attacked a beehive with a rock because he wanted the honey inside and was subsequently stung to death, I would have little sympathy. Same here except its a Hamas that wants the honey and its citizens who they clearly don't care about who get stung. The difference being I feel bad for those who have to feel the consequences for Hamas poking the hive.

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goodDonkey at 04:15 AM JST - 9th March

Grafton did say a lot more but as is becoming normal on this child minded site I was edited. Had that not happened you would not have been able to pontificate quite so freely with what I had written. Even so, can you point to a single mention in my post that says a word about the Palestinian people? I blamed hamas & still do for creating a situation that feeds the anti-peace elements in both Israel & the Arab world. Israel will never talk peace with a group that have as a prime clause in their charter the total destruction of Israel. Why should they, why would you ask that of them? As for your “intelligence agencies” are the same agencies that dragged you into Iraq. Thought so, shame about that wasn’t it?

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Those poor Gazans continude suffering must stop.

Yes. It's truly is a shame the suffering these Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad have brought upon the "Palestinian" people.

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