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Israeli army kills 4 in Gaza


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@Elbuda Mexicano

Because otherwise they would be bullies.

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Palestinian militants fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli jeep

Seems like that would be the more appropriate headline.

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While the article title tells a story that the Israeli army went in and shot some random Palestineans just because they enjoy it, it was pretty fair in actuality. Maybe work on making the title less biased JT? Otherwise good work.

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I guess an Arab Spring is okay everywhere in the Middle East except one place.

I guess for you Arab Spring is only okay in one place.

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Unfortunately, despite the worlds best efforts, this issue will never be resolved, basically because neither party wants the issue resolved.

Despite saying that they are willing and want to move forward etc etc, neither side can agree, and even they did magically manage to agree, they would not be happy with the agreement, so it would not be implemented.

So when you are old and trying to explain to your great grand children in 2048, why this is still going on, just simply say "they will never agree on anything, because they don't like or trust each other"

Thats what my grandfather, who was stationed in Palestine in the 1940s told me when I was a kid and asked him "why do they keep shooting each other?".

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I guess an Arab Spring is okay everywhere in the Middle East except one place.

"Arab Springers" in the Gaza Strip and West Bank apparently will be shot on sight.

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And two steps back for Palestinian hopes of becoming a UN recognized state.

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Maybe the Palestinians should have an Arab Spring.

What do you think has been going on for the last more than 60 years?

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Just another tit for tat??

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Maybe the Palestinians should have an Arab Spring.

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