Israeli leader vows to push ahead with annexing West Bank


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So openly defying the UN.

No sanctions?

No condemnation?

Blatant, utter, in your face hypocrisy.

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Netanyahu is already a criminal and intends to expand the Israeli border all the way to the Jordan Valley regardless of international laws or global opinions.

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Zionism is the Jewish version of Manifest Destiny, the settler-colonial conquest of somebody else's land. As Netanyahu's hero Ze'ev Jabotinsky, the founder of Revisionist Zionism, wrote in 1923: "We are seeking to colonize a country against the wishes of its inhabitants, in other words, by force.” 

By planning to illegally annex the parts of the West Bank with the most Israeli squatters, Netanyahu is fulfilling the ultimate goal of Zionism: maximum land, minimum Palestinians.

If Israel wants to annex the West Bank, it should annex the whole thing and give equal rights to all the Palestinians who live there, but that would defeat the whole point of Zionism.

You can support democracy, human rights and international law. Or you can support Zionism. You can't support both.

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US and EU countries will put sanctions on Israel for this barbaric and in democratic action.NOT

its only when it's good for deep Hong Kong etc...can't see difference between China and isreal.

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If he actually goes to prison like a certain German did, I bet I can name the book he will write. He will probably plagerise it into Jewish.

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