Israeli PM races to bolster support for peace deal


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As long as the Palestinians are humored by the anti-west contigent in the UN, there will never be peace. Israel has shown considerable restraint dealing with the Palestinian terrorist movement.

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Israeli officials said Netanyahu is seeking written assurances from the Americans that he will not have to extend the freeze after the 90-day period ends.

In other words, they have every intention to steal more Palestinian land after the 90 days are up.

They said Israel also wants it to be clear that east Jerusalem—claimed by both sides—be exempt from the building restrictions.

They always mention that it is "claimed by both sides" as if they were both equally entitled to it. But it belongs to the Palestinians according to international law, the World Court of Justice, and practically the entire world. The Israelis are in no way entitled to any of it, they have been told since 1967 to get out, and they should get out, not steal more of it.

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you're wrong. it's Israeli land. The Palestinians have no land.

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They always mention that it is "claimed by both sides"

That is probably because both sides claim it. Claiming something does not mean you are neccessarily entitled to it. It just means you think you are. Both sides think they are. Thus mentioning it seems perfectly reasonable.

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"Israeli PM races to bolster support for peace deal"

says it all really. they dont want peace.

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since 1967 to get out

Israel is not going to back to pre-1967 borders, when Jews were forbidden by the Muslim Arabs from even entering East Jerusalem to visit their holy sites. This type of intolerance shouldn't be rewarded by giving back land for the delusion of peace with the Muslim Arabs.

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"Israeli PM races to bolster support for peace deal"... says it all really. they dont want peace.

And how is Palestinian terrorism supporting peace? Or Hezbollah rocket attacks? oops... i know, you don't want to answer that.

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