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Israeli strikes on tent camps near Rafah kill at least 25 and wound 50, Gaza health officials say


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Israeli forces shelled tent camps for displaced Palestinians north of Gaza's southern city of Rafah on Friday, killing at least 25 people and wounding another 50

Occupier if not busy doing genocide, they'll take people from the street or even at their home. Put them in prison without trial indefinitely, that includes children. Those people always being called prisoners, while in fact they are hostages. No trial and no charge, occupier way.



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according to the territory's Heath Ministry 

According to Hamas

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@Geeter Mcluskie

Even under occupation, Palestine has its own Governing party. Generation of people that still stay in that place even after Nakba tragedy.



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"Israeli forces shelled camps "

"There is no indication the IDF was involved "

Gee, someone is lying...who to believe ?

Is not as if the IDF and Israel tell lies ....

All buildings destroyed....lets bomb the tents people are now forced to occupy.

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Why does Israel still exist?

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The top United Nations court has concluded there is a “plausible risk of genocide ” in Gaza — a charge Israel strongly denies.

plausible risk of genocide - I'd say we've moved past the plausible risk section

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according to the territory's Heath Ministry 

According to Hamas - Geeter McKluskie

Tired of hearing this repeated.

"The health ministry's casualty reports have received significant attention during the course of the Gaza–Israel conflict. Its numbers have historically been considered reliable by the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and Human Rights Watch. In relation to the Israel-Hamas war, two scientific studies published in The Lancet journal did not find evidence of inflation or fabrication." from Wikipedia

"Israeli Intelligence Has Deemed Hamas-Run Health Ministry's Death Toll Figures Generally Accurate. Senior Israel officials are using the Gaza Health Ministry's death numbers internally, months after both Israel and the U.S. claimed those figures should not be trusted." from a Vice article publishes in Jan of this year.

The only doubt cast on the accuracy of the Gaza Health Ministry's statistics is that they are vastly under the actual number of deaths as so many more remain in the rubble which is estimated to take over a decade to clear.

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You can't make this stuff up. After multiple decades of mistreating and abusing the Palestinians, stealing their land, shooting kids dead in the street for throwing stones, jailing people without trial, increasingly creating social conditions that breed intense resentment and a desire for revenge and reprisal, they launch full assault on Gaza, destroy all houses and buildings, round the people into refugee tent camps, then start shelling them there.

In the fullness of time, this will eventually be seen for what it is; a genocide, and the state of Israel will be forever stained as a Genocidal overlord.

But the world just sits on its hands and lets it happen. Why? Why does Israel get special dispensation for killing and genocide? Why do they get a hall pass to kill, kill, kill? Who is giving it to them?

Well the answer is: the US does. All of these atrocities have long been endorsed and enabled by the US - that's just a fact. If you don't know that, go do some real reading. The history already written by the right people knows this, but State washing and political Spin is good and blinding people to the facts.

Sadly, the rest of the world is too weak willed to oppose the US on this - to actually take meaningful action. The UN, which should be doing its job on this, never has, and has consistently and continually failed the Palestinian people through the decades.

It's distressing to watch world powers abuse and selectively apply their influence. The US aren't good guys, they are a party to a lot of killing - they fund it, sell weapons to allow it, manipulate politically to ensure it occurs on their terms. The true overlord.

You can't whitewash that.

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Gee Tamarama....dont write stuff like that.

Nobody wants the truth.

Remember...Hamas "bad "

Israel "good "

The land was promised to Israelites 3000 years ago by God.

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I don't trust any reports of numbers, or anything really, from Gaza (read Hamas) officials of any kind.

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Israel launched the war after Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack, in which militants stormed into southern Israel, killed some 1,200 people — mostly civilians — and abducted about 250.

Wow as usual they had to fit this in even if it was just dropped in at the end, the "victim" narrative by western media is so transparent.

Everyone know this but it seems it is obligatory to include it in every single article by western news.

Maybe they should include the following in every article:

Navi Pillay the head of a UN inquiry: Israel has committed crimes against humanity, forced starvation, extermination, murder, and inhuman and cruel treatment of Palestinians.

> “We found that Israeli forces committed sexual and gender-based violence with the intent to humiliate and further subordinate the Palestinian community. Palestinian women were targeted and subjected to sexual violence and harassment online and in person.

> “Men and boys experienced specific persecutory acts, including sexual and gender-based violence amounting to torture and inhuman and cruel treatment.”

But I guess as the west views it, Arabs are not as important as certain others!

Anyone that doesn't believe dark skin Arabs are not as important to western nations and the big 7 this should help

Japan imposes sanctions on Chinese, Indian groups assisting Russia

Group of Seven summit in Italy earlier this month that his government was considering a "new sanction package" targeting entities based in third countries

Israel is in violation of over 28 UN resolutions, it has literally been accused by the UN of multiple human rights violation, it is commiting genocide, it is targeting women and children, etc...

And where are the sanctions?

Where are the sanctions on those supplying Israel with the weapons to commit these crimes!

Cue the Sound of crickets!

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Thanks "antiquesaving " some things need to said.

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Hey Bibi...

How many children did you kill today ????...

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Deplorable deaths of civilians. Everyday pictures of babies and young children killed, seriously wounded or simply starving to death should be unacceptable to everyone.

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Anyone that doesn't believe there is a double standard going on here and that Arabs and others are not treated in the same way as white Europeans:

Ukrainians who fled their homes to escape Russia's invasion have received better treatment than those displaced by other ongoing wars and emergencies,


Now to make it more obvious.

Canada offered 500,000 visas with support to Ukranians but took in 23,000 Syrians and they needed to find sponsors. The USA did the same as did most western countries. And it was the same for Iraq, Afghanistan, etc...

As for Palestinians it is even worse!

Example Canada originally said it would let in 1,000 Palestinian refugees from Gaza, no that is not a misprint one thousand, under pressure that was raised to 5,000 and they must have family or someone close to sponsor them!

Ukrainians get Canadian government support.

This is similar to all the western countries.

The lack of action against Israel, the refusal to take in Palestinian refugees, the bias articles that barely mention the true scale of the atrocities committed by Israel but will repeat in every article the octobre 7th attack.

The hypocrisy by the west and MSM is astonishing!

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Thanks "antiquesaving " some things need to said.

I'll second that!!

Excellent post brother!

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Today 11:02 am JST

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Perfect example of people not liking facts!

Ask yourselves if Russia was bombing refugee camps, would the world sit by in silence and not increase sanctions?

But Israel does it and zero action, just gum flapping!

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Today 09:45 am JST

I don't trust any reports of numbers, or anything really, from Gaza (read Hamas) officials of any kind.

Except the UN verified the numbers independently!

The only difference was that because of problems in identification the UN couldn't confirm the exact number of women and children killed, but didn't dispute the number of people killed!

It also didn't include those dead and still buried under rubble and even then the UN numbers are the same as the Palestinians! Add in the dead not recovered and the UN count is even higher than that of the Palestinian.

Up to know, it has been Israel that has constantly been caught in lies over and over again.

It made claims the Whitehouse repeated but then retracted because " no proof or evidence Israel claimed to have was ever provided"

Same story with the UN investigation, Israel made dozens of claims and again failed to provide the "poof" it claimed to have UN independent investigator into Israel's claims UNRWA staff were involved in October 7th attack, was proven to be false and Israel claimed it had "proof" but when asked repeatedly to provide that proof, Israel didn't even bother to reply to the UN and provided nothing!

One lie after another by Israel!

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give them back all the hostages, then all the story end and all people can sleep nicely at night. It is not hard to tell who is the terrorist here

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