It wasn’t me: Ex-UK PM Truss blames 'system' for her failure


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Utterly deluded.

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I thought her "dear in the headlights" (that is the most diplomatic analogy) pressure were the worst and constituted rock bottom.

I was mistaken.

It wasn't her vapid policies, her incomprehensible question time answers, or the financial crisis waiting to happen that was responsible for her being bested by a head of lettuce.

It was "the system."

Pathetic. Clearly irony is on holiday at the moment.

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Has anyone checked dear (as opposed to “deer” apologies. I should have proofread.) Liz for autism? That vacant look in her eye…..

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“You were brought down because in a matter of weeks you lost the confidence of the financial markets, the electorate and your own MPs. During a profound cost of living crisis, you thought it was a priority to cut tax for the richest people in the country.”


I understand she’s trying to salvage something from the skip fire of her reputation, but her approach here is pathetic.

Just say you got it wrong and have learned from it. It’s about the best you can do.

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her failure wasn't her fault.

come on, man up!

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Large parts of Existence have a left-wing slant.

You’re spitting Tory bile into the wind of reality.

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Come on let be honest, Rishi Sunak was/is the parliament party/establishment favorite poster boy.

The problem here he has all political charisma of a post cemented to prevent traffic from entering parliament.

His stewardship of Government resembles a project manager that Lord Sugar would fire.

Jeremy Hunt, is George Osborne 2.0, no realistic plan to guide any form of decision making to develop public investments.

“Trussonomics.” was never implemented, Hunt aborted that.

Truss had a very lucky escape.

Truss best course of action is to take root on the back benches.

Rishi Sunak period as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2020 to 2022 could and I suggest ultimately seal his fate. Sunak failure to get a grip of pandemic borrowing and finances is now right in his face, the here and now.

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