Italians vote in election that could take far-right to power


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All that, and Silvio Berlusconi too. Hope Italians enjoy their ongoing lurch to the right.

the party of Mussolini, says it right there

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Seems like Italians didn't learn the first time around with Mussolini... Those who forget history, and all that...

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I sure hope the “far” right win, for the sake of the future of Italy.

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is being accused of election interference after threatening to use “tools” if the wrong election result is achieved in Italy’s national elections, set to take place this Sunday, Sept. 25.

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The Italian version of Le Pen. My Italian brother is angry.

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The left has been making a mess for long enough. Let the right give it a go. The Democratic process is an interesting beast.

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suggesting Italians were poised to vote their first far-right government into power since World War II. 

Italians are fed up with rising prices caused by sanctions on cheap Russian energy.

Expensive energy is driving up the prices of everything.

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If only there were some supernational puplic private corporate partnership that could subvert a populace vote and override democratically elected leaders who don't align with the collectivist narrative. Like a state within another state. Deep within another state. Too bad that can't happen. We might be seeing a red wave of anti immigration "fascism" rising up.

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Will Italy and Europe go down that ruinous path again? It's looking that way I hope I'm wrong.

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It’s good. Let it move right. Other Europeans too. It will never go as far right as wokists make out. But it will keep Europe away from wokist self-immolation.

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Italy likes to elect terrible leaders!

How long was the sleazy Silvio Berlusconi in power, again?

They get what they ask for!

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Mamma Mia !

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Nothing of bigger significance or having to do with such political left-right categories, they’ve just always liked it there quite some louder, more playfully and very much clownesque than in all other countries, of course especially during carnival season, but also in general, through all seasons or in this case, an election.

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Millions of Europeans feel like Europe isn’t going in the right direction. And it isn’t. Far-right sentiment is rising not just in Italy and France but also in other countries across Europe. Two decades ago, we could never imagine such a thing, but the truth is that Europe, and Europeans are slowly losing their identity, their jobs and their money. Millions of Europeans know this, especially the (middle class) hard working people; they live in the real world (a world the rich and famous don’t know about). This is Italy, folks, not some small, forgettable country. And this is not Le Pen. This is (really) happening.

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that "worry" shows how eu and us are afraid if Matteo and co will take over Italy.

to walk away from eu and cancel meaningless antirussian sanctions damaging italian economy very for very start.

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Meloni kept her Brothers of Italy in the opposition, refusing to join Draghi’s unity government or Conte’s two coalitions that governed after the 2018 vote.

She further distanced herself from Salvini and Berlusconi with unflagging support for Ukraine, including sending weapons so Kyiv could defend itself against Russia. Her nationalist party champions sovereignty.

Before Russia’s invasion, Salvini and Berlusconi had gushed admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the final days of the election campaign, Salvini criticized Russian atrocities in Ukraine.

If Meloni becomes the first Italian woman PM, that's unflagging support for Ukraine soveriegnty

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Millions of Europeans know this, especially the (middle class) hard working people; they live in the real world (a world the rich and famous don’t know about).

That's why don't support oligarchs and their billion-dollar yachts

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quote: Her nationalist party champions sovereignty.

So will Italy be next out of the EU or just the single European currency? They won't need EU money if they follow the UK model and just borrow hundreds of billions as the New Lira sinks like Sterling. Then it'll be a race between the UK and Italy to an IMF bailout.

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The size of the Italian parliament was decreased by one-third. Very low turnout.

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If the left is let to run things for longer we would soon be in be communism

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