Italy's right-wing, led by Meloni, set to win election

By Crispian Balmer and Angelo Amante

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Excellent news for Italians. More and more people are realizing that "far" right actually means nothing of the sort. Most of the policies of such parties are simple common sense measures which most of the electorate want (non-open borders, for example). After the Swedish elections last week, I hope this heralds in a new era of right-wing victories across Europe. Heaven knows most of us are sick to death of the left-wing parties and their disastrous policies in recent years.

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Why does it take a Party accused of being Fascist in order to make statements that ring true with the majority of voters :

"Yes to natural families, no to the LGBT lobby, yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology, yes to the culture of life, no to the abyss of death,"

"No to the violence of Islam, yes to safer borders, no to mass immigration, yes to work for our people, no to major international finance,"

How can anything be wrong with these statements ?

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there isnt anything wrong with those statements.

thats why liberals have to scream "muh fascist" or some other inaccurate term to mischaracterize what the positions actually are.

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First Sweden, now likely Italy. Which country will be next to restore some sanity? Europeans, and so many others, are getting tired of utopian leftists and soul-less globalists undermining their countries from different directions, and they've had enough.

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Most of Eastern Europe are very strongly neo-Nazi, so it’s only natural that with the Covid and Sanctions, such thinking will spread west.

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Which Eastern European countries are strongly pro Nazis?

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Great news for Italy!

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My Italian brother and family are very angry. There will be much trouble ahead when they try to introduce their policies.

This is not Sweden and nothing like the American Republican Party.

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I don't know of any pro neo-Nazi countries anywhere in the world... But apparently the covid and sanctions will cure any that are. Hooray!

Most of Eastern Europe are very strongly neo-Nazi, so it’s only natural that with the Covid and Sanctions, such thinking will spread west.

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She's pro-NATO

Voting was lower in the poorer south of Italy

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If comparisons can be made, Mr. Trump will be the Berlusconi of the US (lots of indictments, not much jail time) and Ms. Meloni will become the Thatcher of Italy (tough-talking little lady.)

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Traditional values prevail

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Give her some time, let's see how things turn out. Italy really needs a strong leader who can stay the course, and fix some of the basic ills of the Country.

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