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Italy faces political gridlock


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Hopefully the beginning of the end for the Euro.

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@AKBfan: wow, you're really nice. Do you have something against Europe? Anyway, as Italian, I'm pretty disappointed by this result. I was hopening for Bersani victory. I wonder how our politicians will deal with this situation, now.

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Well, it's not like Bersani lost. But I meant to say I was hopening his party got the right numbers to secure a stable government. =_=

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hoping, I meant hoping.

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Berlusconi whose forces now had a strong chance of capturing the Italian Senate

Once his name was mentioned, the global market dropped suggesting Italian voters do not like austerity measures. Basically we, the world, do not care about Italian internal affairs. We cannot tell them what to do.

I still do not know how much financial exposures we, the world, have to Italy. Only thing that matter to us is whether Italy will default Italian sovereign debt or leaving EU.

This is my message to Japan.

Learn mistakes from Italy. You need to do something about your sovereign debt ASAP.

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Bersani was obviously the wrong leader for the Pd. What would have happened with the younger Renzi ?

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