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Italy picks up 4,000 migrants at sea in 4 days


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Italy picks up 4,000 migrants at sea in 4 days

4000 in only 4 days.....Wow - and all Australians do is moan about the piddling few thousand per year that come to their shores.....

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This is only going to get worse. According to population growth studies, Africa will have a population of 4 billion people by the year 2100. That's quadruple the current population. Less than 90 years from now Italy could be looking at a situation where they're picking up 16,000 people or more every 48 hours.

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Out of curiosity how many people as refugees end up at Japan for resettlement. What is Japans policy on refugees coming via boats.

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Ron, the most newsworthy refugees by boat are those leaving North Korea. They are usually detained for a while before getting on flights to South Korea for settlement. Other asylum seekers do apply to stay in Japan, but the number accepted is quite low, in the double or triple digits at most.

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