Ivanka Trump: A White House force, just not an 'employee'


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Good old nepotism! and setting her up to fail to boot by not even giving her a title. I guess when you're going to abuse the system anyway it's better to look for loopholes beforehand. What a disgrace the current government is! and his daughter, whom many of us thought was the smartest of the Trump bunch (a low bar to begin with), is proving to be just as superficial and a hypocrite as the rest of the family.

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Ivanka believes she can offer more independent perspective to her father by not serving as a White House staffer

This is pure trolling, no one on Earth is stupid enough to believe such rubbish, not even a Repub

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@dcog9065 - Yep, exactly ! Only another Trump could even agree with the Toddler-in-Chief !

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setting her up to fail to boot by not even giving her a title

How can she fail with no title and no brief?

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Expansion of the Trump family empire, a new dynasty

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SenseNotSoCommon: "How can she fail with no title and no brief?"

Exactly my point. It's like when before a sporting match when you know there's a good chance your favourite player is going to do poorly you start preempting it with excuses or even calling the match something it isn't (not important). By not giving her a title, they've set it up so that when she does badly, she'll be exempt from punishment or law because it only says "employees" can be punished. It'd be like saying "She's not government, so if she sells state secrets or pumps her own product, it's not technically illegal".

zichi: "Expansion of the Trump family empire, a new dynasty"

Precisely. He took a dump in the swamp then covered it with saran wrap on a summer day.

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I for one am thankful she's there. A 35-year old fashion "executive" (read: name, seed money) with zero experience in governing hired to be a stabilizing influence on the president of the United States is comforting somehow. That is how bad things have become. (Imagine: "Daddy. Take your hand off the button.")

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If she's gonna do the work, make it official and make her an employee

There's no reason that she be in the grey area if she's gonna do the work anyway

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Mr. Trump’s most oft uttered word is “Amazing!” It’s no wonder being blessed with Ivanka. As a topless tower I’m sure she could launch 1001 ships. I made my first political donation ever when Trump’s campaign sent out sent out emails ostensibly by Ivanka saying she would pick one donor to have coffee with in Trump Tower. Like her father, she has the tower and power to inspire hope.

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Ivanka is a total babe with intelligence to match. After 4-8 years of Donald, she could well become the first female U.S. president.

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Shouldn't be allowed. Employee or not.

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Are you guys against her because she is a woman or her father is POUS?

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@toshiko, not that simple. Do you support Ivanka simply because she's female, or because you own her products? Nope, has to do with her personality, accomplishments, or lack thereof for us critical of her. The first sentence on this thread references nepotism. Would she get an ofice in the West Wing if her father WEREN'T the president? Of course not with her background in fashion and modeling--zilch to do with governing.

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Are you guys against her because she is a woman or her father is POUS?

Neither. Option C.

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Option C being textbook nepotism. The Guardian just put up an article titled 'Measuring Nepotism' asking if it is more prevalent in the US. The accompanying pic is from 25 years ago with Ivanka in big daddy's lap. Now she is spending way more time in the White House than Trump's own wife MIA Malania (who is probably hoping for a speedy impeachment before Barron needs to change schools).

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I think she wants to become President some day.

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I didn't vote for these people.

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@toshiko, her dad would be an albatross around her neck like Dubya was for JEB. Quietly disappearing is another option. I think Stalin's daughter spent the second half of her life living anonymously in the American midwest. Ivanka might do the reverse after the backlash to daddy dear.

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Yet more fake news. It's clear trump trusts his daughter and wants to have at least her paying attention and offering those opinions and this, would happen no matter what, she is his family. The fake news is this fantasy that she is, somehow immune from criminal acts. She isn't. In fact, you can't commit crimes as a private citizen. Furthermore, as a government employee she would be allowed to commit crimes because the second fake news here is, the fantasy that being an employee of government somehow protects the people. In fact, these employees ate imunune from prosecution when government employees get to claim ignorance of the law as a defense and all regulations do is provide a legalized method to commit crime. Just follow the letter of the regulation and whatever crime you want to commit becomes legal. Ivanka as a private citizen has none of the protections from prosecution the employees have, making her position more vulnerable not less

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Yet more fake news.

Sorry, which part of this is based on false information? I want to join you in calling out fake news, as it is a scourge that needs to be eliminated. But the problem is I'm unable to identify any part of the article that is based on an untruth - ie something fake, or not real. So can you please assist me in assisting you in fighting this scourge, by pointing out exactly what in this article didn't happen or isn't real?

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I think, just think without much information, that Trump will do better with her near by.

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@SuperlLib (11:15 PM JST) - The same as about 66M other folks !

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@Strangerland... excellent response and very insightful! The article reflects the reality of the matter ( nepotism ). Whether Ivanka's role in the White House is beneficial to the American people is another matter. Bottom line is this, it's really a bad reflection on America who were always claiming to be the leaders in ideology and moral values. How far have they dropped... God help the Americans! People who support Trump ( I used to be in this group ) would be the first to run away from the US as the economy collapses yet again and life becomes tough! They will probably go to Asian countries like Japan, HK or Singapore until things get better back home and then make the stupid choice of choosing another wrong person to lead the US!

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I think she would be a good influence on Trump

But they should make it official - make her an employee

Name any reason why to keep her in the grey area

(Go ahead, let's make a list of reasons)

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Her moniker is writing a book titled "Raising Trumps"

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