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Jackson's doctor found guilty of involuntary manslaughter


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It seems that his only mistake was getting involved with MJ

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Not many places in the world where ya can watch on TV an orderly court process of a serious crime judged by a jury of your peers (i.e. common folk) - all transparent on live TV for everyone to see how the American court system operates.

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His biggest mistake was NOT declining to take the job of administering propofol. He's a doctor; he's smart; nobody put a gun to his head. He should had known better. He could still associate with MJ but decline having anything to do with administering dangerous practices.

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fan scrum

What does this mean?

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Indeed Honey. MJ was a sick man and a drug user. From my understanding, this doctor didn't have a clue about half the drugs MJ had managed to get from other doctors. Indeed, I don't think this doctor is exactly innocent but MJ was messed up and his death was no surprise. If anything, I am shocked he didn't die faster - nor spend time in jail for his like of little boys. Shame those cases were treated like this one.

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J-gal, check out the game of rugby & you'll understand

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didnt really follow this but seemed clear to me their was guilt all around attributable to many people to single one out for the guilt of many including the deceast is a bit of a lynching

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I guess he wasn't a Smooth Criminal cause he couldn't Beat It.

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I wonder if he will find prison a thriller.

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Stupid doctor!! RIP MJ!!

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Do we get an appeal?

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Do we get an appeal?

The defendant is allowed to appeal if an error (legal technicality) was made in this trial.

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poor mj rip :(

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Victory for whom? Nobody looks good in this sorry saga.

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And in other news, thousands of immoral Hollywood doctors continue to do whatever their ridiculously over-paid clients ask them to do.

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Jury got it right. Think judge will push for harsh sentence. We'll see on the 29th.

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Yawns! Who really cares? He will get a light sentence and may not serve any time at all.

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I think at some stage junkies have to take responsibility for their own actions. They never do though: it is always everyone else's fault they are in this predicament. Sure - the doc may have been guilty of malpractice - but this Jackson bloke had been shooting up for years - didn't they find his whole body riddled with track-marks in the autopsy? Dunno if the doc can be blamed for all of that...

Anyway, no-one should be happy or celebrating like some of Jackson's brain-dead fans were outside the courtroom. He is dead and not coming back.

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Jackson is also guilty. Unfortunately, it is another waste of a human life.

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