Jacob Blake speaks out for first time since police shooting


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Blake brought this on himself. All he had to do was simply comply with the officers demands, had he done that, he wouldn’t be in the position he now finds himself in. If you want to debate whether the officer was justified in shooting him 7 times we can have that discussion, but if Blake were a real man and father, he would never have put his kids in harms way and as a parent myself in an escalating situation with the police and my kids are in the car, my first priority is to ensure their safety and if a cop wants to speak with me, I comply, if I’m arrested, I call my lawyer and he’ll sort it out, but to thumb your nose at the cops, not comply, go and proceed to get into the car and grab a knife (according to the preliminary reports) you are asking for it.

I don’t fault the cops, but now that Blake’s life has changed forever, he can reflect on his mistakes and I hope he teaches his children to never defy a police officer and to always obey them, a lot safer and less dangerous.

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The point is not whether Jacob Blake is a saint. The point is not whether Jacob Blake has a criminal past. The point is not whether Jacob Blake should have been arrested for the charges stated. The point is that he should not have been shot in this manner, let alone seven times and he wouldn't have been were he white. That is the point and that is the problem. There is hours of video evidence of this , even showing police officers treating white suspects, who are being charged for mass murder, with the utmost restraint.

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Well, it’s simple, obey the law, if you don’t, don’t complain about the aftermath. Blake chose his destiny, he didn’t die and now he can see his new life as a second chance, he will never walk again, but he now hopefully knows his actions caused him to be in a wheelchair and I do believe in redemption and I hope he’s a better role model now for his kids.

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Hmmm, the President would never tell kids not to listen to the cops, I was taught to listen, I tell my kids to listen, seems like a common sense thing to do, but I get it, blaming others for your faults is easier and that’s definitely true.

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seems this would be a teachable moment.

Not just an opportunity for a criminal and his family to become millionaires.

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Blake hasn’t been convicted yet some claim he’s a criminal.

He is a criminal based on not complying


Here are a few rules to follow when stopped by a police officer:

Stop When a Police Officer Tells you to Stop

Remember that walking or running away from a police officer who is legally stopping you is a crime. So, since you don’t know what’s happening when a police officer tells you to stop, it’s best to stop in order to take stock of the situation.

You’re better off safe than sorry (or in jail).

Be Courteous

You are always better off being courteous to police officers for two reasons: 1) they are in a position of power over you, and 2) police officers are just people doing a job. It doesn’t matter if the police officer is following the law or violating it, on the street the police officer has the power. You may win in court, but a court victory after spending time in jail is a cold comfort.

Seems reasonable and rational to me, that’s how I was brought up.

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"According to a criminal complaint, Blake allegedly entered the house of a woman he knew in the early hours of the morning, sexually assaulted her and then took a debit card and car keys before fleeing in her vehicle. Blake is charged in that pending case with felony third-degree sexual assault, and misdemeanor trespassing and disorderly conduct.

The only other criminal charge we found in Blake’s past stemmed from a September 2015 confrontation at a Racine County bar. Blake was charged with resisting an officer and multiple gun-related charges after allegedly pulling a handgun in the bar, leaving and being arrested during a combative traffic stop, a criminal complaint said."

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Sexual assault

*3rd degree *felony


Disorderly conduct

Resisting an officer

Pulling a handgun in a bar.

Combative traffic stop

Jacob Blake has a long rap sheet of criminality and aggression it would seem.

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Dis he apologize for causing so much trouble during his life?

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Did he?

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Still all simply allegations of crime and no convictions. 

Running from an officer and not complying is an arresting offense because, it's a crime to not follow the officers instructions on that alone you can be booked.

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Being arrested and being convicted are two totally different things.

Yes, but you still don't walk away from a cop that tells you to stop. In doing so, you are engaging in a criminal act that can land you up to a year in the joint in some States. Best thing to do to avoid any problems is to comply with the cops, saves you time, grief and the possibility of being shot.

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@P. Smith

Did you read what Jacob said? Or watch the video?

As of the time that I am posting this you have made nine posts to this thread covering a number of different issues. You've taken issue with the police, conservatives, Trump, Trump's people and posters with different opinions than yours. But nothing about the message that Jacob was putting out to his community.

Jacob Blake had something to say, you could at least acknowledge that.

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The only thing I have to comment on Blake is I hope the man will try and turn his life around and I hope he does better and learned a valuable life’s lesson, always mind the police.

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yes I certainly hope Jacob Blake uses this as an opportunity to turn his life around instead of becoming some type of celebrated hero of the resistance left.

He hasnt earned that "hero" moniker by his previous actions. I have no idea why sports players are treating him as such, putting his name on their uniforms, etc.

I also hope he uses some of the millions of dollars of money coming his way by these politically influenced donations to take care of his 6 kids and their mothers.

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Also, you didn’t bother to comment on Blake’s message either,

"But nothing about the message that Jacob was putting out to his community." That's a comment BTW.

but instead decided to disparage me for not doing so.

Pointing out that you didn't say anything about Jacob's message, is just that, pointing out a fact. It's only disparaging if I was criticizing you. I wasn't, I was merely pointing something out.

The hypocrisy we’ve come to expect from the right.

Okay. But, Jacob Blake had something to say, you could at least acknowledge that.

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Good to know that "conservatives" think it's ok for police to summarily sentence a suspect to 7 bullets for alleged crimes.

Real Law and Order™ types these guys are.

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So if a white cop shoots a non white person they are racist? Seems odd.

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I notice he is saying nothing about the ex girlfriend he had just raped (which is the reason the police turned up). Even a little sorry would have been nice.

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I also hope he uses some of the millions of dollars of money coming his way by these politically influenced donations to take care of his 6 kids and their mothers.

What does his partners and/or children have to do with him getting shot?

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I hope he does better and learned a valuable life’s lesson, always mind the police.

That's what the far right take home from these violent acts against and murders of black people - know your place?


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7 shots in the back seems a little excessive.

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