Jagger leads British celebs urging Scots to stay in UK


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Who cares what the likes of fox-hunting idiots like Bryan Ferry or 'sir' Mick Jagger think? I watched the debate between Darling and Salmond and Salmond was fumbling around with the question of currency pretty badly. On the other hand, his point that Scotland is still under the rule of a Tory party which is all but wiped out north of the border is pretty difficult to counter. It looks like the no vote will win due to the uncertainty over the use of Sterling and it seems Salmond is trying to stir up anti-Tory sentiment ( not difficult to do in Scotland ) to gain momentum. I'd leap at the chance of ridding my country of a party which abused and foisted misery on my people within living memory and continues to do so under Dave and Gideon. If Scotland votes no, let's give it a few years, get the north of England to join Scotland in a new state, let the Welsh have their independence and leave the south to the Tories. An agreement which would reflect the desires of the people much better.

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I'm of the opinion that as long as the mail gets delivered on time, who cares if the Queen is on the stamp?

That said, the Americans and India kicked the English out of their countries, so why can't the Scots? And give Ulster back to the Gaels while your at it. Heck, might as well have a Euro coin with Manx and Cornish, too.

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The queen will still be the queen of Scotland, even if they go independent.

Maybe I've been in Japan too long, but, as an Englishman and therefore a Brit, I really couldn't give a monkey's.

Go if you want, Scotland, or stay if you want. Nobody's going to lose any sleep either way.

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The queen will still be the queen of Scotland, even if they go independent.

Well, my ancestor was John Comyn the Red and the rightful heir to the throne of Scotland before he was assassinated by Robert the Bruce in 1306. If the NO vote wins, I am going to apply for the job.

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'Go if you want, Scotland, or stay if you want. Nobody's going to lose any sleep either way.'

I honestly will if they go. From a purely selfish point of view, it will make it very difficult to keep the Tories out of power in England. Anybody outside of the south or the shires of England is looking at a very chilling prospect. Members of the Labour Party in Scotland have talked about cutting their kin loose south of the border if the Scots go.

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Ah, but Jimizo, once the Scots go, then we'll be next in line... The Socialist Republic of Upper England and Wales will be born! ; )

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@luca One fine day it will come. Some have put forward a border from the Severn to the Wash.

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"Let’s stay together"

We're not going anywhere. It's a change of government, not of geography.

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The term "Home Counties" is cultural Semtex to the myth of a united kingdom.

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I didn't know Stephen Hawking was British...

...he doesn't have an accent.

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...he doesn't have an accent.

Actually, he does. It is a DECtalk DTC01 voice synthesizer accent. As to this question. As long as everyone still gets along, I am for whatever the Scotts end up voting for.

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Born in the UK, I was born in the UK......oh, wait, that's USA and I'm only a quarter Scot. I don't understand the push to leave the UK. Makes no economic sense and it's not like people don't get along.

Oh, and my ancestor was Robert Gray of Skibo. Can I have the title back, please?

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More poorly researched stuff. Scotland is voting to leave the UK, not England as stated in this article. Wales and Northern Ireland are part of the UK too. Polls indicate that if the rest of the UK had a vote on Scottish independence it would an overwhelming YES. No one likes a whiner and Salmond and the rest of his hard core of nasty little nationalists are huge whiners. If it's a no vote he'll blame the English for Scotland's woes. If it's a no, an independent Scotland will crash and burn and Salmond will blame the English. It wasn't so long ago that the SNP were holding up Iceland and Ireland as examples of how an independent Scotland would manage and he stated he would not want to continue with the pound. He seems to have had a bit of a memory loss about it all now.

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Elizabeth Heath

Very well said, Elizabeth.

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The recent disney movie answered the question: "Let It Go...."

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Elizabeth Heath,

Looks like Salmond isn't the only one confused.

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Mick's right. Scotland seeking independence from the UK is like Alabama State seeking independence from the USA.

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"except Alabama is in America but Scotland and England are two different separate countries in a union along with the other country Wales and Northern Ireland which make up the United Kingdom. The vote is on whether Scotland wants to leave the union of the United Kingdom and go it alone. Ireland broke away from the United Kingdom and became an independent country..."

Except Ireland is an island, Scotland isn't.

"...and didn't have the natural resources that Scotland has, like oil and gas"

Those will eventually run out, but you know that already, right, zichi?

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New polls say the gap between Yes and No voters is widening in favour of the No side. It's the currency problem that's making people think of voting no.

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At the risk of being a pedant, you'll find a British passport says United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the latter technically not being 'part of Britain,' and residents thereof eagerly awaiting the results of #IndyRef.

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Scotland should go. There's nothing natural about the alliance with England. The loudest cheer I've ever heard was in Aberdeen, when Italy scored a goal against England. There's absolutely no love lost between us.

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The loudest cheer I've ever heard was in Aberdeen, when Italy scored a goal against England. There's absolutely no love lost between us.

Maybe because English commentators call Scottish athletes British when they win, but Scottish when they lose?

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Agree completely. Scottish athletes should be identified as such, win or lose. And the same should apply to English, Welsh or Irish athletes.

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