Jamaica PM tells royal couple island will seek independence


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Britain ruled Jamaica for more than 300 years, forcing hundreds of thousands of African slaves to toil the land under brutal conditions. Jamaica gained its independence in August 1962 but remained within the British commonwealth.

Best of luck to Jamaica.

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This is a bit of OTT rhetoric from the Jamaican Prime Minister. His country has been functionally fully independent since 1962. The Queen remains formal Head of State (as she does in Australia, New Zealand and a number of other Commonwealth countries) but the Head of State has no powers when it comes to policy, legislation, or administration of the country. It's all up to Jamaica, and Jamaican politicians, and has been for the past 60 years.

So what's PM Holness really after? A republic? Fine, just have a referendum and ask the question. The UK will accept whatever the will of the Jamaican people shows itself to be, because it has absolutely no say in the matter. Money? Access to scholarships and healthcare? I would've thought that was the responsibility of a "fully independent country" to provide those for its citizens. Is Jamaica going to address its corruption issues? Its poverty, which has led so many people to emigrate to the United Kingdom? Its high crime rate, including the worst murder rate in Latin America and the Caribbean? You need to do more than to shake off the last vestigial and purely ceremonial remnant of a colonial administration to fix those things.

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They can do what they like, it's not like the population of Britain cares if they're in the commonwealth or not.

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The rich will care when they need a visa, the poor won’t because they probably have family there.

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You’re mistaken to characterise British slave owners as “English”. Google “Scottish slave owners”. Google “Irish slave owners”. Plenty of guilt to go around.

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Google “Scottish slave owners”. 

No need to do that. Just look at the names of runners from Jamaica in the 100m races. E.g. 2012 Olympics: 1st: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce; 3rd: Veronica Campbell-Brown.

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Nobody outside Jamaica really cares what they do, truth be told.

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Big Yen, so called "Irish" slave owners were few and were not rewarded as "Irish" in Ireland but British. They were Unionists and part of the British take-over class in Ireland. Most came from Britain or their ancestors came from Britain and almost all were protestant, anglicized pro-British. I am sure such people existed in every country Britain colonized. Those who rebelled against British rule in Ireland were actually some of the first slaves brought to the Caribbean.

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