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James Murdoch 'knew about' News of World phone hacking


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How can people actually for a moment believe that Tycoon Senior and Tycoon Junior and their red-haired poodle knew nothing of these phone hackings? OF COURSE they knew - and condoned it.

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Good to see the truth is finally coming out about these scumbags

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Money= Power

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Most definitely the old man and jimmy murdoch know and condoned it, they need to be strung up and flogged .

Invading anyones privacy like they did is unacceptable and then to blatantly lie about it, c'mon you think you are above the law?

I hope the old man and jimmy both get what they deserve in the way of justice.

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Picture looks like the face of satan to me.

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So rupert threw his own kid under the bus? Not surprising, considering the source.


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What's the old saying "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"? The Murdochs are the classic example.

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