Japan feels "strong concern" about France-Russia navy deal


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Maybe France will feel differently after one of their planes is blown out of the sky!!!

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Onodera, what a clown! He should feel "strong concern" about Chinese military build-up and defence of Senkaku, not about this modified cargo ship.

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“‘Strong concern’, in a sense, means we want them to stop the deal,”

So, why not say what you mean, Onodera?

As for France, shame on them, and they better live up to their promise if stronger sanctions go through.

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Le Drian responded by saying France understood Japan’s concern but Russia has already made a payment, adding that if such sales are included in EU sanctions on Russia, France would follow the policy, a Japanese Defence Ministry official said.

Russia has already made a payment?

No, no, no, that's what the economic sanction is for. We are freezing all Russian financial asset that should extends to this deal. This guy Le Drain does not understand how the UN sanction works. Ignorance has no justification.

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So, the problem is that Russia has not done enough to end the violence in Ukraine?

What has the pro-Ukrainian western countries done to end the violence in Ukraine?

Correct me if I am wrong, but the violence is in eastern Ukraine which is populated with ethnic Russians who don't want to be part of Ukraine any longer. Seems to me the only way the violence is going to end is to support their bid for independence/ joining Russia. They need not take all of Ukraine with them, but some parts of eastern Ukraine will need to go that direction same as Crimea.

It seems to me that the west is as guilty as Russia in all this. The west is trying to ignore the inevitable and people are literally dying because of it.

As you point a finger at someone, three fingers point back at yourself.

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Don't expect France to put the interests of Ukraine over the interests of French industry.

Budapest Memorandum notwithstanding. France was one of the signatories, albeit a weaker signatory, to the agreement that promised "security assurances" to Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine giving up their nuclear weapons.

Hard to fault Ukraine for giving up their nukes, in hindsight. Don't recall the composition of their government back then, maybe it was a majority of Russian sympathists? But in that case, why look to the West for "assurances"?

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Instead of "feeling" Strong Concerns, Japan should join US and Europe and impose 'tough' sanctions on Russia.

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Looking at all the conflicts worldwide at present, and taking into consideration all those so called sanctions imposed by the West, I have a question. Seeing there doesn't seem to be a shortage of weapons or any form of military hardware or software, is the arm industry exempt from all these sanctions ??. The politicians and their long winded rhetoric and finger pointing and blaming everyone but themselves.The UN and security council, I often wonder what its there for. But the arms industry and its war machine is far more powerful than any government it seems, worldwide. Me, I'm a pacifist, I believe in dialogue, however long it takes, it disgusts me to see so many innocents killed, slaughtered would be a better word, in whatever name they want to give as an excuse.

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The EU as a whole imports over 3 billion euros worth of arms from Russia.

These sanctions will bring those imports to a halt. Good news.

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Just where are the sanctions at and what are the agreements between the "West" and Ukraine/Russia so far?

Some details might be good to know before assuming anything.

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"Strong Concern"

Dear Japan,

No one really cares what you think. Because you can't do anything about it.




Dump Article 9

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Instead of "feeling" Strong Concerns, Japan should join US and Europe and impose 'tough' sanctions on Russia.

@some14some That would not be balancing politics and business. Japan is trying to "make it look good" for the sake of politics and do nothing for the sake of money.

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lucabrasi The EU as a whole imports over 3 billion euros worth of arms from Russia. These sanctions will bring those imports to a halt. Good news

EU ??? You means NATO ? (most main EU members are NATO members)

Surprise !!!

in real world Russia sells weapons in other countries

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From guns to warships: Inside Europe's arms trade with Russia

it is very regrettable France, EU, and US failed to ban the delivery of ship to Russia. A big mistake was just made.

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