Jealous fruit vendor kills nine in China


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Ah, so civilized. I am sure there must be a lot more going on there than just this.

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Ah, a "fruit vendor" - that explains it. He'll probably mount the "kiwi defense." Thank you for including that oh-so-germane point, JT.

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It was not clear how he carried out the killings.

Strange, nine people killed and Media rushed to publish report without knowing how were they killed? RIP unknown souls.

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Why would anyone be that jealous of fruit?

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A jealous Chinese fruit vendor, really went off on a bender. He slayed three times three Although AFP, neglected to mention his gender.

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Gasp! What the heck? Why the frick did he go after all those people? He overdid it. And if he was to suspect his wife of cheating, then do something more "humane" about it, not go on a frickin' killing spree! The killing sounds absolutely unnecessary.

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Chinese govt version;; That was for SELF DEFENCE ONLY.

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This nutty Chinese fruit vendor sounds like he had more problems than just an unfaithful wife, that must have been the so called last straw and the guy just went insane in a fit of rage, thank god this Chinese nut case did not have an Uzi or an M 16 like back in the USA or he would have used those war type machine guns to make the NRA real proud. RIP victims of horrible fruit vendor

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Ah, so civilized. I am sure there must be a lot more going on there than just this.

I know, Just about as civilized as that Japanese dude who went on the rampage in Akihabara. Yes, there'll be more in Japan.

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