JK Rowling donates 1 million pounds to campaign against Scottish independence


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She is wasting her money.

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As a muggle, I'm hoping that Scotland and England remain united. The English flag without the blue cross would look stupid and the Scottish blue cross by itself would look like a 1st aid station.

Polls show the anti-independence side narrowly ahead among Scottish voters, but pro-independence forces have run a better-funded and more energetic campaign.

The separation is going to be decided on which group can actually turn out the most voters. Poll numbers are nice and huge donations are nicer but which side has the more motivated voters? With almost no money, the anti-independence side is ahead in the polls. Rowling's money might encourage other's to fund the anti-separation effort and motivate it's voters.

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She is wasting her money.

Yes because Scotland rightfully won't leave the Union.

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Yes because Scotland rightfully won't leave the Union.

We'll see, Dylan. I don't think the nationalist Scots are thinking beyond this emotionally, even the ones in Holyrood. And so often, emotion trumps reason, as was the case when Ireland voted to secede.

As a matter of building a functional state, Scotland only has oil and fisheries as exportable resources, neither one which can be depended on in the long-term. It's banking sector is already relocating to London because the would-be government doesn't have a realistic monetary policy (what's the point in independence if Scotland is still dependent on the Bank of England and the Pound). And it will lose all the exemptions of British EU membership, and will have to negotiate entry from a position of weakness. No way about it, Scotland will suffer economic turmoil for at least 10-20 years afterwards, and I have the feeling the English will have a bit of schadenfreude about it.

Emotionally, I don't want to see the Union come apart; from a feeling of historical romanticism, and concern that it will lead to further breakup in Wales and NI.

But nor do I think it fair that the price to keep Scotland is further devolution (especially when England doesn't have a national parliament at all), the closure of Portsmouth for Clyde, or remaining in the EU, which I think hurts more than helps Britain as a whole.

So suffice it to say, I'm glad I have no say...

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