John Lennon's killer denied parole for eighth time


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Chapman was obsessed with Lennon and he wanted to be Lennon. Just like John Lennon, he married a Japanese woman. Gloria Hiroko Abe knew about his husband's fantasies about killing Lennon, but failed to inform the authorities.

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Quite right too, the guy should have gone to the electric chair and his wife should have gone to jail. If Yoko Ono had not selfishly insisted that John go back to New York when he preferred to stay in Japan he would probably still be alive.

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Funny how some people are aware of the value of their lives, but not the value of someone else's life. He should resign himself to life imprisonment.

How people like these (plead guilty with no motive) should be sentenced: Ask him to resurrect the dead man. He can't. Life imprisonment. The guillotine, execution chair or lethal injection would contradict what I implied.

Moral: If you cannot give life do not take it.

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