Johnny Depp, in pirate costume, visits UK school


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Man, that kid must have been one happy little boy. Good on Johnny Depp for doing this kind of thing.

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He seems to be a genuinely nice bloke. It's a pity about the Pirates movies, which after the first one have been abysmal. On Stranger Tides is a very good novel, so let's hope the next one will be better.

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Good for him doing it.

Beatrice sounds more like a girls name to me.

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That's class! Good for Depp!

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Quote Zenny11: Beatrice sounds more like a girl's name to me.

You're just being old-fashioned, Zenny!

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I really like all of these movies, Johnny Depp is great! I am so happy for these kids at their school in the UK, they must have been so happy to get to meet their heroes!

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Full marks for Mr. Depp. He didn't have any reason to do this - nothing in it for him financially, just a bunch of effort.

And he's spellbound a whole schoolfull of kids for the rest of their lives. You can bet the grandchildren of Beatrice Delap and all her schoolmates will know all about who Johnny Depp was long after Russell Crowe and Charlie Sheen fall into the obscurity they so richly deserve.

Good one, Cap'n.

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...and this is "world" news at the same level of a Chinese democracy advocate winning the Nobel prize?

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The suprise/wow factor is pretty high on this. Impressed.

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