Jordan seals last entry point for Syrian refugees after blast


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The closure raised questions about the fate of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees who are stranded in remote desert areas along the border, many of them for months, and depend on daily deliveries of food and water from the Jordanian side.

The closure raised questions, quite.

How Jordan can sustain tens of thousands of human beings of all ages and conditions of health is the continuing parabola of the 'yellow cake' that drove conquest. Simply, it is a product of.

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Jordan said its security comes first. Government spokesman Mohammed Momani said Jordan had warned for months that militants, including those from the Islamic State group, are mingling with refugees

Ahh. . . the Trojan Horse. So why isn't this government spokesman being labeled a bigot or racist? Because Jordan's security comes, makes perfect sense to me.

The Obama administration should be thinking like this too. But no, both him and Kerry want to let in the widows and orphans. . . getting "free stuff" all on our tax-dollars. Last but not least a grave threat to our national security. (You just know a few "unknown" islamic, bearded men will slip into the US along with them). No common sense.

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Simply, it is a product of.


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Not to worry, Angela Merkel is inviting them all to Germany.

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Not to worry, Angela Merkel is inviting them all to Germany.

She's invited more than enough. Most of the refugees will find they are unwanted nor can they assimilate into Germany's culture.

They Germans should ditch the whole "tolerance" thing being preached by other leaders of the west -obama in particular.

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