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Jordanian king vows relentless war on Islamic State


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Let's hope that this isn't just empty rhetoric and that he has an army to send in.

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Muslim kills Muslim is nothing new, but a small with less economic power like Jordan will struggle for its survival. The rich countries like Saudi, Gulf states,Turkey, and Iran are pulling the strings behind all these hellish in the region. Each claims Allah is with them with superior complex over the rest including men's made law in the West. All these extremist terrorist group are products of Islamic doctrine, Muslim brotherhood , and Shari law of Saudi Arabia. Since 9-11-01, thirteen years of confrontation either direct or indirect with Muslim world only the beginning, for there will be hundred more years to come. Obama compromises with Islamist extremist is leaving the world in disarray for the future. His foreign policy at best is to pull back without clue for future resolve. Unless Islamic world is willing to abandon the first century mentality and the West wake up to this reality, humanity will suffer at greater proportion. For now, the new chapter of Muslim world is tearing each other apart is just started, as predicted. "May the real Muslim, stands up"?

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"captured Jordanian air force pilot being burned alive in a cage" - article

Jordan’s King Abdullah and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had no win situations. Any criticism directed towards these heads of state is misguided.

ISIS isn't a religion. ISIS is a putrid festering puss abscess in the political and social body of every society where they can show their flag. Bury them alive, just as they did to women and children.

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It appears that some powerful persons or group have finally put the finishing touches to eradicate Democratic (that is basically Christian philosophy) governance in the Middle East by "targeting" Jordan, the only other really Democratic nation in the area by using Japan as a "scapegoat". Japan is the only wealthy nation in Asia that is truly Democratic and "friendly" to Jordan. Who ever is planning the strategy, knows world politics and world economic relations extremely well.

Now along with Israel, we must see the "timeliness" and the "extent" of aid or assistance that is given Jordan and Israel from the USA or any other Muslim nations. By tracking when, how much and what kind of aid and assistance is given, the real "intent" of those who appear to be in the sidelines and out of the "limelight" will be visible. That is because those in power already had the physical ability to not only control the ISIS situation but to have eradicated the militant group. There must be a reason why that was never done. Why?

Who or what group or groups are behind the scenes? Who are the "real" beneficiaries to all this?

What is the reason? What is the real intent?

Oddly the UN has been extremely "silent" and totally "inactive" and "incoherent" in dealing with what we have labeled worldwide "terrorism". Have you ever wandered why..?

Sadly, worldwide politics is at the "convenience" of the so called powerful leaders while the general population suffered and gets used. Oddly, the Jordanian King is the only world leader known for his benevolence and humanitarian rule which is "envied" by most Muslim people of the nations in the Middle East. For him to take such a stance must have been an extremely difficult one, especially when there is absolutely no guarantee that the only nation that has the real ability to assist is not willing to commit with him.

We know that Japan WILL be there to give "humanitarian" aid and logistical assistance.

That for the strategist means Japan will "continue" to be the secondary "target" for the Islamic Jihad. An interesting way to keep Japan from having the "peaceful nation" image, forcing Japan to not only arm itself from Chinese and somewhat lesser Russian aggression. This too appear to be by "design".

What is the strategy? What is the design?

Who will benefit from all this in the Middle East? In Europe? In the Americas? In Asia?

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“I want the state to get revenge for my son’s blood through more executions of those people who follow this criminal group that shares nothing with Islam,” Safi al-Kasaesbeh told Reuters.

Spoken like a true father that cares for his son. The whole "let's lock these guys up in a 2'x2' cell for the rest of their lives" argument is out the window. Only punishment that should be given is the death penalty whether captured or not.

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Big rethoric, but nothing much will change, until the anti-ISIS people can show an alternative to the sunni population of the ISIS triangle. The Iraqi Sunnis don´t want to go back to live under Baghdad Shia rule, and the Syrian Sunnis don´t want to go back to live unter Damascus Alevite rule. So, they rather support ISIS.

And, kcjapan: The ISIS flag is simply the islamic Shahada.... the same inscription you find on the flags of Saudi Arabia, Al Shabab, Taliban, Chechen Emirate, Al Nusra (aka the "vetted rebels"), Hamas, and others.

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i think the king of jordan is serious he even going to bomb that isis by himself http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2938668/Jordanian-king-Obama-meet-pilots-killing.html#comments

that isis missed with the wrong country ,

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Jordan is an artificial kingdom with feet of clay, a prize coveted by the Sunni leadership of IS. If King Abdullah's rhetoric is followed up by serious engagement with IS forces and his gamble fails, I cannot see Israel standing idly by while IS creeps up to their border. Abe should keep his mouth shut, take his hands off, grab the popcorn and chill.

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A example of a strong leader. Good for him and the world is disgusted with the ISIS execution of the Jordanian pilot! The ISIS shock of the videos released is catching up with them. And not in their best interest.

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eradicate Democratic (that is basically Christian philosophy) governance in the Middle East

The Greek term demokratia, an antonym to aristokratia, originated in the 5th century BC.

Still qualifies for white man's burden, though. Doesn't it?

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Seems that the tide may soon change against isis, some countries are rallying support for a coalition to wipe the floor with this group of bandits, I hope there is enough support and determination to go and clean up the mess that Obama left behind.

Looks like NZ will commit some troops probably logistics, medical support and training, they do not have a lot of weapons but I think they have a rifle left over from the Vietnam war lying around somewhere that they could take with them.

If Obama had left US troops over there now, I doubt we would have seen isis grow to what it is, they captured all the hardware the US left behind for the Iraq army and swayed the trained troops to joining them.

Obama and his bunch of dopey cronies in the white house have failed once more.

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Lieutenant Kaseasbeh will be in our hearts forever.

Our thoughts and prayers to his Family and especially his Dad who went out there before this horrific news reminding ISIS that Kaseabeh was a fellow Muslim Brother like themselves, yet he was doing his duty as a pilot and following orders from his superiors - he pleaded to them to show amnesty to Kaseabeh, yet we learned later that ISIS had already committed this horrific act and they never came back later to apologize nor show any remorse comsidering he was fellow Muslim.

At this point I don't even believe that ISIS are even Muslims themselves..

Allah nor Muhammad could never look into the eyes of mankind and condone this - They would decry this as a Sin.

A Sin against Islam and a Sin against all Humanity itself.

ISIS is not Islam and this Califate Al-Bagdadi is a False Prophet to God.

He is Satan himself in my eyes, and he has brainwashed the minds of lesser educated people to believe and follow him into his Culture of Murder and Doom!

I can only pray that they see the light and turn away from that Demon.

I am happy that Jordan and the rest of the Islamic Community are helping us (The United States) to Annihalte - as Kassebeh's Dad put it - Islamic State and restore the good name of Islam.

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"Who will benefit from all this in the Middle East? In Europe? In the Americas? In Asia?" - comments

Clearly, the people of the Middle East will first ALL benefit from the elimination of psychopathic gangs of marauding murderers. When they can be free to join with the world, the rest of the world will be free from this needless waste of time and resources over meaningless distinctions in a 1400 years old tome.

Oddly, the Middle East seems more like a 1930s depiction of Chicago gangland violence. The motives are all wearing prayer shawls instead of Capone's gangster suits but they aren't much different. Blah, blah, blah religious inspiration but they're just killing for power and territory just like Al. Al didn't pretend it was about anything else.

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Alright let's get out of there now there are plenty of countries surrounding ISIS that don't like them and have armies, US doesn't have any real stake in this let's get out

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