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Judge denies bail to teen charged with terror-related offenses after stabbings at Sydney church


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Way to go. The New South Wales Prime Minister is Labor, a party now swinging to the hard left in the national government and promoting ethnic/racial tribalism and separatism of certain groups who are considered unique although their social dysfunctions are similar to those of any other ethnicity. However, the NSW PM has been very firm in correctly identifying the stabbing attack on an Assyrian priest as an act of religious extremism, a terrorist attack.

The usual cries of discrimination from the religion the attacker and his mates belong to has failed to move the PM and his state government because they understand that following the norms of European countries that allowed such incidents to be mis-labelled and tiptoed around caused a big increase in such terror attacks.

Responsible Australian politicians do not want these to become normal as in France and Germany where thousands of terrorist attacks have occurred during the last decade or so. The other kind of politicans from the left are too busy making excuses or crying some isms because they want those ethnic groups that terrorists come from to vote for them.

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Correction - the NSW Premier, Premier is the title for leaders of states, not Prime Minister, in Australia.

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These children must be brainwashed. They need to be re-focused to education and should focus on studying instead of attaching people around.

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Black Samurai....google "separation of powers in Australia " for an explanation of how the Judiciary does not intersect with the Government of the day.

Bail is mostly "presumed ", especially in Children's Court matters, but here, "community safety " outweighed the presumption in favour of bail.

The Supreme Court will re hear the application and it will be a legal, not political reasoning that drives the decision.

Buddy, you sure get triggered by so called terrorism offences involving your perception of a religion.

And your legal knowledge is talk back radio commentator level.

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I'm against special treatment for minors under criminal law. Their lawyer can plead for clemency during sentencing and based on the severity of the crime, it may or may not be granted.

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Gotta feel sorry for the parents.

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