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Julian Assange: a year in the Ecuador embassy


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Seems to me this was his choice. UK Govt. doesn't really have an option on this issue.

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Do not hold another point of view!

Simply having a different point of view is not what's landed Assange in the predicament he is in now. It's what he DID according to that point of view that's the problem.

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He should stay and rot there. Good riddance!

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" He should stay and rot there. Good riddance!"

Spoken like a true believer in totalitarian Big Brother government.

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The funny thing is that if he would come to Sweden he would be locked up (he would be considered an escapee), then with lawyer present interrogated by the prosecutor and, after a while, released as the charges probably would be dropped as its word against word and once set loose he would be given a ticket to Ecuador by the Swedish system.

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It always reminded me that if back in the day 60 minutes had the leaks it would be a media coup, but because that era of responsibility is over now governments prosecute whistleblowers. Snowden more specifically went out of his way to remove damaging leaks versus Wikileaks but in the end it's about the increasingly police states that are at issue and should be more than just a concern

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Spoken like a true believer in totalitarian Big Brother government.

Not at all. I'M a small government guy all the way. That doesn't mean I want my country to be less safe. I want them to implore ANY necessary measures to keep all Americans safe, it that means listening and reading my mails, so be it. I have nothing to hide. And if you believe that the US is the ONLY country that does it, you are completely naive.

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Can't Ecuador get a helicopter on the roof of the embassy (or hovering just above it) that Assange could enter and be transported out of England in (e.g. to a waiting Ecuadoran ship)?

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He doesn't need to answer questions about sex crimes since he is above the law.

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Remember don't question! Obey! Consume!

Do not hold another point of view!

If you do you will be open to censure like Assange

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Snowden case is very different with Assange! he has a very good plan before escaped to Hong Kong and he knows he will receieve his Chinese national identity of residency in Hong Kong with a big money to be awarded! He choose a very special time (the next day after Obama/Xi summit in California) and he expose himself to the media! He fears nothing to loss maybe except his girlfriend now in custody!

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