Karzai says his office gets cash from Iran, U.S.


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Very interesting. If the Iranians want to give money, let them.

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Ah, Karzai... as corrupt as they come.

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Karzai apparently operates just like the Yakuza do here -- "bags of cash".

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I see no problem with this --> with the dollar dropping in value we will all soon be walking around with bags of ObamaDollars.

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Hmmmm, Big news. No.

We poured money into Iran for years. We poured money into Iraq. We pour money into Afghanistan. We give away money in an effort to buy influence.

Iran does the very same thing.

Bring our troops home today. < :-)

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Better to pour the green blood of taxpayers into a foreign country than the red blood of soldiers. In some situations money speaks louder than bullets.

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So is this like double dipping? Cash only please...

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no accountability at all, and Karzai can't be trusted.

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Afghanistan can't be trusted. This is waste of both red and green blood. We should have rooted out al-Quaida and foregone the idea of building a house on quicksand.

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