Kennedy says 9/11, Obama led her to public service


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Ahh, no. While not exactly a Sarah Palin, the lack of experience does matter. Cherry picking Clinton's former seat kind of flies in the face of the demands and expectations placed on Hillary during her run.

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What a joke "her accomplishments as a writer" most of her books were on poetry and the few law books she "authored" were probably written by ghost writers -- how can you write about the law if you were NEVER a practising attorney. Besides, if Patterson gives her the seat (over Andrew Cuomo) he will undoubtable face Cuomo in a primary fight in two years AND if he wins, he'll have to probably face Gulliani in the general election -- lots of luck...

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Double standards are funny.

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She said two events shaped her decision to ask Gov David Paterson 11 days ago to consider her for the position if Sen Hillary Rodham Clinton is confirmed as secretary of state: the Sept 11 terrorist attacks and her work for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Let's see, I seem to remember that the major complaint of the Dems was that Bush was pushing for to many changes in the way US laws worked becuase of 9/11, and that it was all just a front on his part. Now it seems like a prominent Dem wants to pull on the strings of New Yorkers and get on the band wagon.

Also, 9/11 was 7 years ago, why didn't she run in the last NY Senate election? I guess the family was still too connected to Hillary and Obama wasn't on the scene then.

By the way, I saw an interview with her cousin, one of the Shriver daughters who was divorced from Andrew Cumo. She commented on how her daughter thought that it was werid, who should she root for, her cousin or her father. I can imagine if Jeb were to get appointed to a postioin, I guess the people would be up in arms, since many seem to think that "W" got his position the same way.

I say, let the people of NY decide, just hold a special election and get it over with. To save costs, no need to have a long process, let each state political party nominate a person, and then one day just hold an election. No need for a long campaign and drawn out debates. As evidenced from the Georgia run-off election that put a Republican back in the Senate, the voter turnout was low, as was in the Louisiana run-off. those who are aware and follow politics are more than likely to have enough sense to reserach the candidates and go and vote. Unfortunately, the last general election was based on hype and media. So I think the people of New York would be better served by just holding an election, and cutting out on some of the nepotisim in US politics.

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we are starting to let families run us...........dangerous!

Royalty is now American

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Always brilliant, VDH sums it up:

"In 2007 Ms. Kennedy was, in fact, a strong Hillary Clinton donor and supporter, but jumped ship and joined Obama once he surged in the polls at the beginning of the year, when the national media and the fossilized icons of the Democratic Party underwent some sort of ecstatic catharsis and mass hysteria ..."

"That savvy metamorphosis into an Obamiac explains Ms. Kennedy's sudden me-too piggy-backing into national politics. Indeed, her current newfound political zeal seems predicated on the larger Obamania craze, a sort of brand name groupthink in which romantic liberals imagine a return of JFK's lost Camelot."

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"while not exactly a Sarah Palin"

That's for sure.

"I am an unconventional choice."

That's for sure too.

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I think it's wonderful that Caroline Kennedy has been inspired to serve the public good, but I also believe she's really biting off more than she can chew and should start a little lower on the political food chain to gain more experience before embarking on something as big as a U.S. Senator.


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I am very disturbed with the relationship Kennedy had with Obama and it is a matter with the Constitution of our United States of America. I remember when Onama's grandmother said that Obama was born in Kenya and now that she has passed on we are told that he was born in Hawaii, BUT NO ONE IS SHOWN DOCUMENTS THAT OFFER TO BOLSTER HIS ASSERTION. I feel the FBI should do a mission to either confirm his place of birth or find out whether we the People are again being given half-truths and told to shut up. Why is it the Dupreme Court isn't being offered this "Problem?"

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Decades of writing checks to support the opera can get a bit stale after a while. She's got millions and her name is Kennedy - heck, why not be a Senator for a while. Sure, she doesn't even vote and hasn't supported hardly anyone in the Democrat party. By golly, she is qualified because ... well ... she is a Kennedy! Oh, and she could probably raise a lot of money too.

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She's, uh, you know, uh, about as eloquent as, you know, Obama.

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