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Kenya arrests 77 Chinese in Internet hacking case


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Competition for The Company? Cry foul!

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African nations should be extremely concerned of smiling panda that offers bribery with one hand and stab you with other. This is Communist China's way to catch up with the rest of the world, especially against the West after Mao's revolution which killed millions. China gains economics super power mostly through such methods. Shame!

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Let me get this STRAIGHT: They are already CAUGHT, RED handed ( Pun INTENDED ) committing CRIMES, LIKELY ASSISTED by the chinese government, if not DIRECTLY involved with, AND suspected of espionage and the chinese GOVERNMENT is going to SEND MORE THERE, to " assist " with the investigation ?!?!

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Kenya arrests 77 Chinese in Internet hacking case

Wow, Japan Today actually reported this, wonders will never cease!

Chinese nationals had rented near the U.S. Embassy and U.N. headquarters

Gee, I wonder if Communist China was spying, no it couldn't be!

Next we will hear from Communist China's apologists.

The Daily Nation newspaper said a series of police raids had turned up equipment capable of infiltrating bank accounts and government servers, Kenya's M-Pesa mobile banking system and ATM machines.

The suspects had been living in "military-style dormitories

It seems that the PLA is up to more than meets the eye. Countries throughout the world best start checking if they too have been infiltrated by PLA covert agents.

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What's Snowden and Wikileaks' take on this?

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Fred Matiang'l, an official in Kenya's ministry of information, communications and technology, told the Daily Nation that China has promised to send investigators to Kenya to work on the case.

LOL. No doubt with briefcases full of cash... There's nothing like a little "Chinese money" to help with the "investigation." Kenya ranks in at 145 out of 174 countries in this year's Corruption Perception Index. China isn't much better at 100. I doubt we'll be hearing any more about this incident once the so called Chinese "investigators" arrive.

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lostrune2Dec. 05, 2014 - 08:02PM JST What's Snowden and Wikileaks' take on this?

Oh, that is easy, it's the NSA's fault.

House AtreidesDec. 05, 2014 - 09:30PM JST LOL. No doubt with briefcases full of cash

Hell, I'm surprised President Obama hasn't promised his Chinese friends the full cooperation of the United States in securing the release of their PLA military personnel.

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