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Kerry demands whoever shot down MH17 be brought to justice


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Kerry "knows" who did it because he saw incontrovertible "evidence " on Twitter. Pffft!

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Analysis of the Buk transport videos, also a note on astroturfing of worldwide media and blogs by Russia-friendlies.

JT should feel honored!


... Meanwhile, it’s clear that Kremlin propagandists have now gotten into the geolocation game (seeing how much it has fascinated Westerners and been used by them to debunk Kremlin propaganda). On Friday and Saturday, we noticed as did Russian bloggers, that an identical post appeared on hundreds of sites — such as social media, news portals, news media comments sections, and blogs — claiming that the scene had been geolocated in Krasnoarmeysk — but that this proved that the BUKs belong to the Ukrainian military, which had control of Krasnoarmeysk “since May 11″ and therefore the BUK sighting video was Ukrainian disinformation. The post has the feeling of engineered propaganda not only because of its massive appearance everywhere simultaneously, posted by commenters with either no name or by various authors, but also because it quickly appeared on Rossiya 24, Russian state TV, where Konstantin Knyrik, coordinator of the South Eastern Front Information Center, a pro-separatist activist, repeated it almost word-for-word. ...

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Оh, not again about "rebels did it with Russian-supplied Buk" claims!! As different experts in air defence matters pointed out, it is almost impossible to shoot down a fast moving jet at ten thousand meters with just one missile. You need a professionally manned complex air defence systems - radar, target acqusition and so on - that rebels just don't have. It is not "push the button - get the plane" video game, it's much more complicated.


The whole point of the MH-17 affair for the Kiev regime was to shoot a civilin plane and frame the rebels. Kiev neo nazis can not crush the rebellion by themselves, so they desperately need US military help to do the job and to save the crumbling regime.

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Mr.Kerry, maybe you look in your own house and find that person who did this...Where are the results from the flight recorder? Nothing is reported in media for past week. Maybe the good old USA needed a reason to get the stick out against Putin, wasnt it the same before the vietnam war or before invasion of irak... Why wasnt there a real proper investigation into september11? It would fit in that USA got the plane down via a fighter jet...Isnt Malaysia not a muslim country also?.....

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I thought Putin was totally cooperating in the investigation. They should have identified the culprits by now...

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Where's the evidence it was shot down by a fighter? I thought the US had spotted a missile launch from the ground? Also why would the Ukrainian Air Force shoot down an aircraft when (a) the rebels don't have any, and (b) why do something so stupid when the majority of countries are siding with them?

A BUK with all missiles was seen in Eastern Ukraine... after the attack a BUK vehicle with a missing missile was racing for the Russian border. The latter was filmed. At least one rebel leader has said rebels did it, so why would people now suggest it was the Air Force?

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So turn yourself in Kerry.

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Go get 'em, Kerry. Talk however is cheap. my guess we will never know.

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I am sure that Putin and his party are fully aware of exactly who is responsible, but I think it unlikely that the rest of the world will ever know.

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