Kerry says North Korea a threat to the world


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Wow!!! Denounce North Korea. Well, that will sure teach them a lesson!!! Kim will shake in his thongs.

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Kerry says North Korea a threat to the world

Says this buffoon from an administration with NO spine. And if there were ample time remaining for the administration, North Korea too, would be getting some kind of, "deal."

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For a moment there, I thought I was reading a headline from The Onion.

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.....he's copying Trump.

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everybody like a pet and China has theirs

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I think that North Korea is more of a threat to itself than to the world. It is isolated, poor and weak. The only thing that North Korea knows how to do is put on a good show. A good spooky show that sends shivers down the spines of its audience. There is not much it can do to the world in real life. Who can it invade, really? With security the way it is it harder for it to plant bombs on planes or assassinate anyone abroad as in days of old. And it does not seem to want to. Or dare too. It's like an old cat who occasionally hisses and snaps at you but prefers to be left alone. It do not see much of a future for North Korea.

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Thanks for the head's up John.

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Well, yes, I suppose so, but they most likely won't start a war. They just periodically shoot missiles, arrest someone, test a bomb, or kidnap someone. Other than that, well, there's the haircuts and those silly hats...

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