Kerry warns against Russian missile sales to Syria


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Is Kerry going to use his fortune to compensate the Russian missile makers?

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Former you think they care?

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Does John Kerry suppose that the vast amount of US made weaponry being used in Syria would have a destabilising effect in Syria? How about the US support of Islamic fundamentalists that wish to turn Syria into a hard core Islamic state? US interference turns stability into chaos - who benefits?

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But its ok for US and Arab "allies" to supply the "rebels"? Hypocrite.

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“I think we have made it crystal clear that we would prefer that Russia is not supplying assistance,”


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and what kerry and the US going to do about it?

Georgia anyone?!?

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and could complicate any Western intervention to stop the bloodshed

Rather to stabilize it, as ever.

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The region is already in a destabilized state. The external influence including US and Russia and other Nato and Western nations had contributed to this uprising and taking the country to destruction . The US and other western Nations now worried that the Jabhat Al-Nusra of Al-Qaeda might be gaining a strong hold in the Syria conflict. If this is successful, the worry of chemical weapon falling into their hands will be a real nightmare for the US and the world, the whole middle eastern region will be in turmoil for a very long time.

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There is no righteous side in the Syrian conflict. Its a struggle for power between a Dictator and the Fundamentalist. Assad uses heavy (allegedly) artillery on the civilian population, and the rebels (allegedly) use chemical weapons. Military assistance to either side would be detrimental to the stability of the region. Its their war, let them fight it out.

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Moscow has been warning from the very beginning against supporting the "rebels". It now appears that the "rebels" have crossed the "red line" and used chemical weapons, but the Use will continue to support them.

Its a struggle for power between a Dictator and the Fundamentalist.

The vast majority of the so-called rebels are foreign mercenaries, funded by other countries, some of which have less democracy than Syria. Syria has every right to use heavy artillery against these murderous invaders.

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Recent reports from Egypt indicate that the common people are now realising that the days under Hosni Mubarak were much better and peaceful than the post Arab Spring scenario, which brought the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood to power. By helping the rebels US will bring about the same fate in Syria, and would create another Afghanistan like they did in the 80's by helping the fundamentalist Mujahideens.

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Bhateswar Bhutbhute There is no righteous side in the Syrian conflict. Its a struggle for power between a Dictator and the Fundamentalist.

Sorry - point me NOT Dictator ruling Arab country near Syria - may be Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia ?

BUT Assad like Saddam - is NOT Islamist, he is like Saddam and like Gaddafi - secular lider.

But US support islamists ....

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The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Israel has warned the U.S. that Russia plans to sell sophisticated S-300 missile batteries to Syria.

As far as I understand peaceful&democratic Israel planning other airsrikes on Syria ?

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@serrano thumbs up but wether you're sarcastic about it you hammered the nail right on the head there. I sometimes wonder if anyone in the whole world is keeping a real perspective on these things. You dont just point a finger and expect someone to give up something they live on. Bar the morals from that and you get some hard reality on how the world works

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