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Kerry warns Beijing over air defense zone for South China Sea


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Kerry is a buffoon. Beijing won't take him seriously.

China has neither confirmed nor denied it plans such a zone for the South China Sea

They will. They want to test the waters now that they have a firm grip on those seas.

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Militarist saber-rattling could be a sign that the regime in Beijing is trying to compensate for feeling small. It could also be an attempt to get away with something that they know they are not yet strong enough to accomplish.

It may have been a mistake to help China rapidly become an industrial giant. They are using their new-found wealth in ways that are not for the common good.

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As usual, coming from US government , they only love WARS and being the biggest HYPOCRITE self appoint global policeman that is US government.

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But, but, but....hasn't Kerry said recently we are moving to a borderlrss world? The ADIZ is for aliens from another world then? Why would the little green Martians feel threatened?

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