Key conservative voices back Cain


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Cain, who is best known for his management of a pizza restaurant chain, stunned the political establishment with his rise from national obscurity to place at or near the top of national surveys and polls in early presidential nominating states.

Pretty much says it all right there and why the political establishment is on their destroy Cain must be destroyed mission now. I guess when you really do have a plan that really will change the way Washington does business by getting rid of the current tax code and all those sweetheart tax breaks and shelters that the lobbyists thrive on that this should not have been unexpected.

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Even if Cain somehow gets the Republican nomination, he'll be whipped by the charasmatic Barack Obama.

Y'all get ready for 4 more years of Barack Obama and decline, and God have mercy on the United States of America.

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Unless Herman Cain makes the following comments, I would say he is free and clear...

I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss ...

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I hope he gets the nomination just because he'd so easy for Obama to topple

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Cain is no politcal outsider, he served on the Kansas City Federal Reserve during years before the Dot com bubble and his positions are very similar to typical politicians. Most people who support him don't really have much of a clue what his positions are and he has proven to flip flop or dance around the issues. The only reason I can see why people support this guy is that he like a black Chris Christie- meaning he talks big but lacks substance. All you'll get from this guy is more broken promises when what the US needs are someone who will actually provide results.

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This will go away in a week when Governor Perry does something stupid, or if Mitt Romney does nothing - both highly likely.

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Meanwhile, Perry is trailing Cain in his own home state of Texas.

Funny dig at Perry for latching onto Trump and the birthers in today's English Yomiuri Shimbun via the Washington Post:

"Doubling down, inexplicably, Perry explained to CNBC's John Harswood that he was flirting with birtherism because 'it's fun to--to poke at him a little bit and say, 'Hey, how about--let's see your grades and your birth certificate.' "

Well, gee dammit Perry, you just might be onto something there! While you're at it, just go on and mention that most of Romney's family tree (including his great-grandfather) moved to Mexico to circumvent anti-polygamy laws--and most of the clan still lives there! Y'all say what?

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According to speculations (and I repeat again, speculations) the tipster to Politico was a member of the National Restaurant Association (Cain's old organization). For what personal or political reason, nobody knows. Obviously it's more than just invalid allegation because there was some sort of settlement (although no admittance of guilt) and a paperwork trail. If the NRA releases the parties involved from the settlement's confidentiality agreement (since Cain is already giving his side of the story), this story may have some legs yet.

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It has only just begun! Where are the women candidates?

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"Pretty much says it all right there and why the political establishment is on their destroy Cain must be destroyed mission now."

Paranoia will destroy ya, Sail. The allegations are for sexual harrassment. Not only has Mr Cain flip-flopped on his story, payoffs were apparently made. Dirt gets dug up on candidates, the Republican party being the masters of the mud sling. You can't cry conspiracy when your own people fall foul of their own past.

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"I hope he gets the nomination just because he'd be so easy for Obama to topple ( beat )"

Heck, the charismatic Obama could easily beat any of the Republican candidates, no?

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Both Cain and Perry have charisma. It takes mort than that to be electable.....

And obviously, previous sexual harrassment affairs hinder one's chances.

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Put a fork in this scandal its done.

This just in.

The attorney for one of Herman Cain's accusers told USA TODAY that his client is "unlikely" to be giving interviews anytime soon.

Joel Bennett also told USA TODAY's Jackie Kucinich that his client has asked him to stop talking to the news media.

He has talked to several news outlets, saying Cain has been "bad-mouthing" the two women who made the sexual harassment claims against Cain when he led the National Restaurant Association.

"I stand by everything I said," Bennett said.

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" Where are the women candidates?"

Crashed and burned.....

I bet Ms Condeleeza is really regretting boarding the Bush trainwreck.

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"Where are the women candidates?"

Ask Obama and Biden.

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"previous sexual harrassment hinders one's chances"

Unproven charges of sexual harrassment? We'll see.

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Let's not lose sight of the real scandals here:

Herman Cain's inexplicable shifting, shucking and jiving in his version of the events. Remember that he initially never recalled any such incidents of harassment, never heard of any payoffs, etc., and then suddenly, throughout the day, all the details started to change, as his "memory" improved. And this was a guy who was given well over a week's lead time on the story before it broke.

The far more serious legal and ethical scandal are the felonies committed by the Cain campaign in setting up a non-profit "charity" that has "loaned" money to it on multiple occasions -- in violation of federal election laws.

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"Let's not lose sight of the real scandals here"

Like Obama and the Democrats bankrupting the country?

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As for you idiots who think the latest allegations against Cain are some kind of conspiracy, keep taking your anti-nut pills.

As this has been compared to the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas matter of 20 years ago, it is important to point out one of the key differences: Hill was faulted for not reporting Thomas at the time the behavior happened. In this case, however, both women reported Cain's behavior promptly.

Now we read that one of the women received one year's severance pay. Cain kept changing that part of the story too.

Based on the total smear job that the right-wingers unleashed on the person and character of the modest and conservative Christian Ms. Hill, it is understandable why any woman might want to hesitate before coming out in the open with their side of the story against these monsters. Nevertheless, the NRA has to withdraw its condition of confidentiality before Cain's accusers can legally come forward -- and that step they have not taken to this point.

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Well said, Yabits... Cain is not ready for the presidency, and never will be. He's riding high because the rest of the Republican line-up is so mediocre.

Ann Coulter had it right: "If the nominee is Romney, we'll lose." And they will too.

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"Unproven charges of sexual harrassment?"

Yes indeedy. The ladies Mr Cain gave undisclosed amounts of wedge to, apparently to keep scthum.

This is a dangerous road you're headed down mind for you and other hardcore Goppers - unproven sex charges against a certain Frenchman in NYC had you all ready for a hangin', even after the charges were dropped.

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Would love to see Gorgonzola Rice run. She is really smart.

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