Kill drug lords, Philippines' top cop tells addicts


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Philippines on fire at the moment. Yet to see if this vigilante massacre approach will work.

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This guy makes Trump look like a moderate.

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The rule of law is on a hiatus in the Philippines. You really don't know who's doing who in. The drug lords fearing being ratted out by the foot- soldiers or mules may choose to shut them up for good and vice-versa.Bad-blood among the drug gangs could precipitate a blood - bath with by-standers becoming victims. Vilifications and summary executions in non-related vendettas can't be ruled out also. I sure hope the leadership recovers its wits and brings civility back.

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Duterte was elected democratically. Yet, his extrajudicial killing have made his country equal to or worse than North Korea.

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Mexico got pretty violent (still is) when they went after the drug cartels. Interesting to see what happens in the Philippines.

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Euterpe is even more insane than the drug lords. Who do they think a user is going to turn on, anyway? Cop show would just as soon see them casualties in the war or lock them up, or a drug lord who could easily set them up if they turn on the police instead? How many of the 2000 dead so far are drug lords?

And this is the guy Abe wants to work closely with!

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It's the drug cartel's that got the money Mr. Police Chief. Although some vigilante action on the drug leaders will make them much more frightened to go outside of their homes since anyone could just up and... kill them.

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Fascist states are very good at reducing crime on the day to day level but then commit the atrocities themselves.

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Reports are coming in that the latest victim of this madness is a 5 year old girl, gunned down in her family home by vigilantes. The Philippines is clearly now a dangerous third-world nation spiralling out of control - fingers crossed Duterte is next up against the wall.

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Yet to see if this vigilante massacre approach will work.

It works all righty.

At smashing dissent...

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The Philippines is clearly now a dangerous third-world nation spiralling out of control

It always has been that way. That's why the majority of the people voted Duterte in and took that risk in hopes for a change. Just an FYI, during his presidential campaign, Duterte promised to go hard on these guys, among many other things he said. Why do people seem to act surprised?

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The World needs many more Duterte's who now runs the Phillipines the way the World should be run! Good for him!

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It might be interesting to note that Duterte enjoys a 91% approval rating in the Philippines.

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The war on drugs. Yay.

It's time to end this war world-wide and take a public-health based approach of risk-management, education and treatment for drug addiction, rather than a criminal-based approach. Governments should be managing drugs, taking the profits out of them for the criminal elements.

As long as an environment exists where criminals can make money off drugs, they will. And as long as they are making money off drugs, we will have all the crime that goes along with it.

The war on drugs is a failure.

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The man is taking back the Phillipines as promised & getting drugs out. The people voted him in because they want to be able to raise their families-Open & Shut case!

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