Killed on Zoom: Dad held after toddler finds gun, shoots mom


Police in central Florida have arrested the father of a toddler who found a loaded handgun in his “Paw Patrol" backpack and fatally shot his mother while she was on a Zoom call for work.

Veondre Avery, 22, was arrested Tuesday and charged with negligent manslaughter and unsafe storage of a firearm, Altamonte Springs police said.

Investigators said the 2-year-old found the gun in the backpack on Aug. 11 and fired a single shot that hit his mother, Shamaya Lynn, in the head.

A woman who also was on the Zoom call dialed 911, reporting that she heard a noise and saw Lynn fall. The co-worker didn't know how old Lynn was or where she lived, but meanwhile Avery also called 911, begging responders to hurry as he tried to help Lynn.

“I literally just got home and I come in the room... (and) my girlfriend who was working on the computer, she’s just laid back and there’s blood everywhere,” Avery said on the 911 call.

He told the dispatcher that Lynn wasn’t breathing, and he could not feel her heartbeat. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities said another child also was in the home during the shooting.

The Seminole County State Attorney's Office said Avery is being held without bond. Records did not list an attorney who could speak on his behalf.

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Who the hell stores a loaded gun in an infant’s backpack. Just mental.

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Guns, guns, and more guns....

With the exception of legitimate firearms enthusiasts (who support gun control), they belong to the physically insecure and mentally weak who think a gun gives them a sense of power in their pitiful lives...

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An unloaded firearm is worthless beyond a blunt object in a self defense situation. Unloaded meaning, obviously, there are know rounds in the firearm. This mean you would have to retrieve both your firearm and the magazine or clip before you can be the good guy with a gun.

Some will argue that carrying a firearm means you are using it. For what? Exercise? Intimidation?

This situation is further evidence that your birthday and a background check (IG from a licensed seller only) shouldn’t be the only qualifications for purchasing or owning a firearm.

By the way, I own multiple firearms. I’ve also undergone extensive training in the safe handling, usage, and storage of firearms. This training was not a requirement to purchase any of my firearms.

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