Kim's sister condemns 'treacherous' Seoul over drills


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then U.S. President Donald Trump in Hanoi that left nuclear talks at a standstill.

Kim recognized Trump was a softie, an orange marshmallow, that talked tough hunkered down in his White House bunker while firing off Tweets,

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Destroying the long standing U.S. position of not recognizing and giving legitimacy to the DRPRK Kim regime is just one of the many unforgivable, and possibly irreversible, damages that Trump has caused to our country.

But there is little doubt that this could not have happened without Moon taking advantage of Trump's personality to advance his own agenda of appeasement and unification with North Korea.

Today in retrospect, only North Korea and the Kim Regime came out ahead.

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Thanks Trump. You were the worst of the worst. Too bad the republicans couldn't have had Schwarzenegger on the ticket instead. He was a good enough governor. At least Arnie has a brain could have actually intimidated Kim in a meeting lol.

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North and South Korea should seek peace, outside of US's meddling.

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then U.S. President Donald Trump in Hanoi that left nuclear talks at a standstill.

Got to love our "unbiased" press. Trumps brilliant pacing got Kim to stop the nuclear testing and switch from war propaganda to talk about peace. Something that non of the swamp politicians ever managed.

But leave to the media to turn any achievement into a negative, if the hated Trump is involved.

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Long after my bones become dust, this lot will still be verbally jousting for attention

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 Trumps brilliant pacing got Kim to stop the nuclear testing and switch from war propaganda to talk about peace.

Thanks for the laughs, I needed something to get over this extreme heat.

All donald did was give more treats to a spoiled brat, making him throw even more tantrums.

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This lady sure has a mouth on her. She enables the North to speak with forked tongue.

Judging by the stress level of her language, they still feel isolated and under pressure, but she does sound a little more restrained than those typical DPRK propaganda pronouncements from the past.

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Lil kim is angry that the US is not giving him more treats.

But he needs to realize that the incompetent idiot donald is too busy keeping lenders at bay, he doesn't have time for whiny little brats.

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Kim's sister condemns 'treacherous' Seoul over drills

Looks like Kim and his evil sister are playing good cop/bad cop. Whenever the sister gets involved, people die and buildings are blown up.

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Yawn...the never ending North korean story of paranoia and deflection from self failure. Dealing with the Koreans is like dealing with two twins. The evil twin is North Korea, whilst the South is the ordinary twin. The North Korean people should take a look at how well their southern twin is doing. They might then recognise that nobody wants to invade their brainwashed, backwater fascist dictatorship. The criminal Kim family use the pursuit of nuclear weapons, and the fake threat from the USA to keep its populace under control. Please stop calling this communism. It is nothing short of a gangster racket in charge of a nation. Does fat Kim and his sister not recognise that any other power with a drone could have taken him out many years ago if they so wished? He's always out and about parading his fat ugly body to his media. He's a sitting duck. The southern twin parades with the U.S.A to ensure the fat leader doesn't get too big for his boots. So that he can be assured he will be toast if he ever steps one foot across the border towards his southern twin, or fires a nuke at another country.

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Oh wow Kim. We’re really scared of you. (Sarcasm) Get the shelters ready.

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 Please stop calling this communism. It is nothing short of a gangster racket in charge of a nation.

All communism devolves into a gangster racket.

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Among all the boring technocrats on the world stage we need some crazy, hot autocrats like Kim Yo Jong.

It adds some spice.

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Seems to me the same old DPRK cycle is repeating again.... as usual.

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Pound sand, crazy witch.

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Blah, blah, blah.

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If one looks a bit more closely at the trump/Kim interaction, it will be plainly seen that it was a trump 'distraction' from the emerging trump prostitution scandal that was offered by Kim but didn't work out for NK and reunification, as had been hoped by Kim. trump is more psychopathic and uncaring than even Kim could comprehend and proved it in the second meeting. Once Kim no longer offered anything to trump, Kim might as well have not existed. All 'love' when Kim had 'value' and a slap in face when that distraction value diminished. Could anything be more obvious? And, as for the "...South's joint military exercises with the United States...", Yo Jong MUST be able to see to what degree Moon's arm is twisted by the US and how little 'freedom' from Washington's moods Hanguk really has with 35,000 American troops of occupation currently in residence, not to mention the money...

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Here is where the problem originates. In June 2018 Mr. Trump said at the conclusion of his first meeting with Kim Jong Un:

“We will be stopping the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money, unless and until we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should,” 

The North Korean leadership took Mr. Trump literally and expect the US and South Korea to end all of their joint training activities including desktop drills and simulations. So even though the US and South Korea did not conduct some of their biggest joint exercises the workaday sort of routine training went on as usual. The North Korean leadership views that as duplicity on the part of the US and South Korea, proof the US will not keep its word. As far as the DPRK is concerned that pledge on the part of Mr. Trump remains in force and any training however routine conducted by US and South Korean forces violates that pledge. There is no nuance in how the Norks see the world. They are literalists in the extreme, which makes traditional diplomacy hard to do with them.

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Trump dropped the war games at Un's command, and received nothing for it. Now North Korea is using Biden's return to the previous status quo from before Trump as a propaganda too.

Once more Trump's failures are exposed. He took away training against potential NK invasion, and gave NK a propaganda tool to use in the future.

Literally the worst president in the history of the NK regime, insofar as his NK policy. His claim to fame? A photo op and love letters.

Trump = Complete and utter failure.

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Does anyone actually read the details? KIM spent TWO DAYS on a train to get to the second meeting and was all sincerity throughout the two meetings. But sincerity when viewed by the purest of psychopaths is just a WEAKNESS. Agent Orange entered the room, asked if NK was ready to accept ALL of his crazy demands and, two minutes later, left the room without another word. The first meeting was a complete theatrical scam by a parasite and the second meeting proved that. This was after waiting months to respond to Kim's, and the World's, MANY requests for the promised second meeting. There was not even an attempt to 'seem' diplomatic. Does 'Home Team blindness' have to be total blindness and fanatical belief in the lies told by all leaders, especially ours? And Bukhan's nuclear weapon's technology is about where the US and USSR were in 1957 nor can they afford an 'arsenal' in any case but have no other way to have a voice in their own fate against the Great Bully which America has always been. And when finally the missiles fall on America, blame ONLY yourselves...

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This woman chills me to the bone.

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