Kim's sister warns U.S. of 'a more fatal security crisis'


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What evidence do they have nuclear arm missile,the US has Mirv that can hit North Korea 5 to 1 with one missile Google US Mirv Nukes

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Kim is an imbecile, but look at that sorry looking bunch in the photo.

Spruce yourselves up!!

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What evidence do they have nuclear arm missile

Sigh, read and learn.

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Is this a fate worse than a fate worse than death ?

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DT, hearsay an collaborative evidence is one thing, without this it just hearsay,the Russian would never had the bomb, without the Rosenberg,they provide the Russian with the implosion lens to learn how to detonate an Atomic bomb Google Rosenberg Implosion Lens

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@Yrral, spend some time reading that site and you will understand they do not engage in heresay. It is the best researched unclassified source of information on DPRK that exists. It is maybe the only one that doesn't make the DPRK and its leadership look like a bad cartoon.

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Is this a fate worse than a fate worse than death ?

Only if the Krypt Keeper Barbie can shoot lightning bolts from her fingertips.

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Cray bae really got her britches in a bind.

The calm and steady leadership that Biden is showing, in coordination with our allies is the way to go.

Let her moan and whine. The top level of DPRK leadership knows where the path she threatens leads and they don't like it.

Give them nothing.

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Kim compared the United States to “a barking dog seized with fear.” 

Fear of itself..

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Oh shut-up.

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She is the real leader of NK.

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I can assure the world that Americans think about NK perhaps 30 seconds a month and only if the leaders say something stupid enough to get on a front page. Besides that we are too busy living our lives, working, traveling, going to concerts and games to be concerned about NK at all.

I have no fear of NK and only think they need to be stopped, somehow. Don't know how, since they aren't willing to talk with reason. NK could be a wonderful place, if their dictatorship were gone and they merged back with SK into a unified state controlled by the people and elections.

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