Kim and Moon to meet at military demarcation line before summit


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The difference between this summit and previous ones is beared by the fact that NK has successfully achieved nuclearisation and achieve to build successful ICBM programmes. Kim Pong-Un is holding a very strong hand. The actual time of the summit seems very short to achieve much, unless there will also be an agreement for both sides to enter into a period of prolonged discussions between them.

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I'd think this " event of the century " must have started way before PyongChang Winter Olympics when a high delegation from NK held discussions with the S. Koreans. Kim must have known it was just a matter of time for things to fall in place. But I have TREMENDOUS respect and confidence in Jae Moon. He came in knowing what was in his plate and is doing everything possible to do away with the the albatross that's been plaguing the Peninsular. Can you imagine all the possibilities they could achieve in unity ? S . Korea alone with its 50 M population punches well above its weight ... I want to live in these interesting times . I wish them success in their current challenges and prosperity in future.

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