Kim Jong Un lookalike disrupts Australian election campaign

By Associated Press

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Yeah this about tracks for Pavlou. The man who was recently arrested for inciting racial violence and protesting in front of predominantly Chinese commnities with offensive signs.

One can only hope he remains a "long shot candidate". Probably one of the most disgusting politicians worldwide, ad that is a truly impressive feat.

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well why is this considered as newsworthy?

maybe for people at photo behind this "celebrity" it may be but for rest...?

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One person that most normal people wouldn't want to look like.

Drama queen

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I'd love to see one impersonating China's Xi-Male

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This guy is hilarious. Crooks hate nothing more than being ridiculed.

And Drew Pavlou is a pretty gutsy guy standing up to his Chinese-money-addicted university and attacks by pro-CCP shills and bullies in Australia. Hope he does well in the election, as Australian governments of both major parties continue to sell out the country to that despicable regime.

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This is pretty funny, and nowhere near "the most offensive thing." Loosen up, Nick.

I got a chuckle about this. Go HowardX! Supreme Leader - great line. ;)

Escort him out of the venue and be done with it, if you don't want him at your event. Gotta ask, how did he get inside dressed like that?

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