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Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint of $10 mil worth of jewelry in Paris


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Held up by guys dressed as cops in her room? Remind me to never stay at that hotel.

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The BBC are actually reporting it as a 'discreet luxury residence'. An Airbnb for the super rich perhaps?

I don't think a plot like this would have worked as easily at a proper luxury hotel. In any case, a hotel can be sued or will be much more likely to compensate you through their own insurance if anything like this were to happen. I'm guessing Ms Kardashian, or whoever owns the jewelery, will have to bear their own loss here.

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Two armed masked men dressed as police officers

hold up no-one masquerading as someone.

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Actress?!?!?!? :-)))

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Naming their kid North West, do they have SW, WW, EW or NNW. What goes through these peoples minds? Is this the secret to being rich? Dumb and dumber.

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I HIGHLY doubt that they had $10,000,000 worth of jewels stolen. Who keeps jewelry that pricey in a box with them while traveling?

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If they did, it was all insured, either travel or otherwise. The only people crying are the insurance people, but really, who with a soul spends 10 million dollars on jewelry? It never appreciates, and is easily Lost or stolen. Plus, not to mention that money could have been spent on helping children like NOT starve, but that is not a priority with the WESTS. Despicable people--and after all she was about to vote for Trump until her manager told her to shut up about that.

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My question is did she DECLARE that booty when entering France, would be a tad over the limit, did she pay duty/taxes etc

This is a fair bit more then most travel with

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Despicable people--and after all she was about to vote for Trump until her manager told her to shut up about that.

Her handler, not manager. And besides, what did Trump ever do to warrent THAT kind of endorsement?

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What's the infatuation of the media with the K K Klan?

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She has her own TV hit show on TV every day and earn more than Madonna who do not use TV shows

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@Toshiko: Per google, the entire Kardashian family has a net worth of about 300 million; Madonna alone 800 million. Just an FYI.

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@kay:I wrote earning, not asset. Her TV show earnings.t

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Remind me to never stay at that hotel

It was a private residence, not a hotel. They moved to a hotel afterward

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Oh no, they took the One Ring!

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@kay:I wrote earning, not asset. Her TV show earnings.t

Even so, Forbes Magazine placed Madonna at the twelfth-highest earning celebrity for the 2015-2016 "season" that Forbes uses ($76.5 million). Kim Kardashian only came in 42nd ($51 million).

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Totally not interested in this family. A case of famous for being famous.

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She travels with $10 million in Jewelry? No wonder they singled her out.

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poor her. she was saving money (cause she dont have enough) on budyguards. live your life for show off your dimonds. anyway, hope your ok and recover health, if not the dimonds

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Minor inconvenience for her. Her job is being seen (why I have no idea) and being extravagant. Happy that nobody was harmed.

The masses in the US are paying for this. Being pretty seems to be enough. I suppose that is a "talent" of some sort.

For all we know, this was staged to get publicity in France. Is there a TV deal for their show to be shown there? No way to know until later.

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Why is this news?

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Why is this news?

Someone in a foreign country robbed of $10 million in jewelry would normally make the news wire regardless of who it was. If it was just because the victim was a Kardashian then the news item would have been likely placed in the Entertainment section of JT. Instead it was (properly) placed in the World section.

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masked men dressed as police officers also tied her up in the flat’s bathroom before fleeing the scene.

Who will open the door for masked men dressed as Police Officers? She must be mistaken robbers for male strippers who dressed as Police officers. KK & KW has running out of publicity. The robbery story may be faked robbery created by them. If the robbery was true and then the jewelry may not be worth $ 10 Millions as reported. It’s most possibly jewelries were worth about $ 10,000. Are they insured those Jewelries in the box?

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My question is did she DECLARE that booty when entering France,

It's been declared in magazines throughout the free world for years. That's how she got so famous in the first place and could afford all that expensive jewelry. Oh wait - I think I got the booty thing mixed up.

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Who will open the door for masked men dressed as Police Officers?

That was my initial question, then I figured the "mask" was the balaclavas you see the SWAT teams favor these days. Besides, the robbers had the concierge at gunpoint at the door. They probably ordered him to get her to open the door.

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That is a shocking amount of money! I doubt thieves could still that much robbing most jewelry stores..

It's good she wasn't hurt, I assume it would have been extremely grim news otherwise

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She attended a fashion party. So $10 million is just average. But stupid to open the door.

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