Kim must make 'meaningful' gesture to see sanctions ease: Trump

By Nicholas Kamm

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Trumpmis going to have his arse handed to him for a second time by a 30-something Kim. Too funny!

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Then Kim just has to call him "thin" and "very intelligent" to see sanctions go away.

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This is going to be interesting. China and Russia obviously don't support the sanctions but that's to be expected. But now Moon is under extreme pressure from domestic South Korean business interests to ease the sanctions.

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Trump will do almost anything to get a headline showing any kind of success anywhere. We will probably get some kind of vague statement with no teeth and Trump will give concessions.

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You know K.J. jr cannot make "Meaningful" decision without the bosses behind him!

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Yeah, a "meaningful" gesture for Trump is kissing his butt. THat's all. Kim could say, "You know, Donald. We love you here. We think you're great. That's why we're going to keep making missiles -- because we want to build great things like you do!" and Trump would call that meaningful.

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