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King Charles and royals greet well-wishers ahead of coronation

By Michael Holden

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No Kings or Queens in these modern days, we are all Equal.

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Charles and especially William and Kate trying to appear like normal people and doing the talk to make the talk. William and Kate in a Soho pub pulling a pint.

Probably more people will watch, including Americans, than the Super Bowl.

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Lots of heads of state and VIPs meeting the King and Queen.

Can't help but notice, Putin is not amongst them.

Funny, that....

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Proud to be British, but I think I’ll pass on this expensive extravagant waste of money that the UK can I’ll afford to waste.

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This is a man that have history of poor judgement,he cannot run his own house in the eyes of the world,they are laughing behind his back at this moron

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For a morning laugh…

Pranksters mowed the 30-foot phallus into the lawn at Bath’s Royal Crescent ahead of King Charles III’s coronation

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King's Coronation: In full royal walkabout


Here 20 mins worth from Sky news Coronation coverage.

The Royal Family will squeeze every moment out of the brand that is the definition of UK monarchy driven Head of State.

Harry will be play no official role absent from any official photos, the family lunch, the procession, the palace balcony.

King Charles III second son will be treated as an outcast, on his fathers special day.

Even reportedly, seated in the 3rd row.

Come, the croaking raven doth bellow for revenge

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But polls suggest far from everyone will be celebrating, with a majority of the public generally apathetic about the event. Critics have questioned the cost at a time when many people are struggling to pay bills


Well worth pointing out that this is important only to a minority of Brits and people struggling to make ends meet.

Justifying the cost against backdrop is tough and even tasteless.

Maybe Charles could’ve played this one better.

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There is also the £300 million refurbishment of Buckingham Palace. Free accommodation.

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Harry will be play no official role absent from any official photos, the family lunch, the procession, the palace balcony.

King Charles III second son will be treated as an outcast, on his fathers special day.

Even reportedly, seated in the 3rd row

Sideshow for the tabloids. No doubt some will be watching him like a hawk for any flicker which could be construed as disrespect.

The Mail, Express, Piers Morgan and that fella on Talk TV who thinks you can grow concrete will no doubt be on the case.

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I would like to share three perspectives.

Princess Anne’s take on the monarchy under King Charles


King Charles III: A Modern Monarch



Does King Charles III have what it takes to wear the crown? | 60 Minutes Australia


I believe important questions still remain to be fully addressed, especially the future role Monarchy will play in a 21st century UK society, on the eve of his Coronation.

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The King! The King! Here comes the Kiiiiinnngg!!!

Who cares!! Especially after what he put poor Lady Diana through.

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this moron

He doesn’t come across as a moron. He speaks reasonably eloquently and his writing makes sense.

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Yes the usual suspects are beasting Harry for all there worth, Piers Morgan, Dan Wootton.

Then there is a seeming endless queue of royal toadies.

Tom Bower, Angela Levin, Ingrid Seward leading the pack spiting ever more shill abhorrence and loathing.

Yesterday some friends and neighbors suggested I put a flag out to commemorate the coronation

My jaw hit the bar, I said I didn't have one, and I would be embarrassed/inappropriate to unfurl the Union Jack in Japan.

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The two most important aspects of the coronation are the religious rites and the parade by the troops who will swear their allegiance to the king.

There has been an uproar over asking Brits to swear their allegiance to the king and will now be toned down.

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One in five people waiting for the coronation in The Mall are Americans who flew in for it.

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Pranksters mowed the 30-foot phallus into the lawn at Bath’s Royal Crescent ahead of King Charles III’s coronation

Splendour in the grass, or "God shave the King"?

No fault of Charles, but the conspicuous consumption of his coronation extravaganza could not have come at a worse time, given the immense economic pain and suffering endured by millions throughout his kingdom contrasted with public knowledge of his obscene tax-free royal fortune. The mixed feelings of many of his subjects about the function of the monarchy and the dysfunction of the Windsor family will not give his reign an optimal start and might even augur the abolition of the monarchy after the demise of this superannuated king although first republicans will have to overcome Windsor's ace in the hole: the centuries-old tradition of monarchy supported by a deeply entrenched class system of control.

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Both the Royal Family and Prince Harry could bury the hatchet for this one momentous day.

There is nothing to gain from pursuing an agenda, what some would distinguish/interpret as hatefulness.

Of course both Harry and Meghan have a sack of chips on their shoulders.

However, the Royal Family is far from the fragility not to tolerate the prodigal son, the preverbal black sheep of the family. Harrys memoir is moaning Minnie at worst.

More sniveling than gross irreverence against his family.  

This Royal family is not without its controversies. Past and yes present.

The Duke of York an example.

Surprise me, forgive, draw Harry back onboard.

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Pathetic decadent faded "empire"..

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JT sorry to avidly post/comment on this thread, however it is open to debate and question.

Princess Anne told Camilla 'you’re NOT Queen!' claims Princess Diana’s dress maker



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Charles will go against the wishes of his mother who wanted Camilla to be queen consort and nothing more.

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Since yesterday the BBC has been 24/7 on the coronation.

I made a Quiche and Tofu chocolate and white wine while we watch. If I get bored I'll leave my spouse to watch it.

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Wallace, my friend, the BBC have a duty to report this, a once in a life time event.


Yes 24/7.

Outside the UK viewers will require a robust VPN to enjoy/witness the pageantry, pomp, the marching bands, the anointing of a Monarchic a King from above.

Lets think about this carefully, its 72 hours give or take, an alleged £150,000,000 bill to be footed by the tax payer.

I contend that sum be will covered many times over.

One way or another. It is the World Cup of Monarchy and there is only one team.

Grin and bear it, but debate all the same.

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Pathetic decadent faded "empire"..

I'm undecided whether I agree or not, but when I see you writing in support of thugs like Putin and Xi, and the fascist nonsense they try to force on the world, I do chuckle at your dislike of far more progressive countries like the US and UK

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itsonlyrocknrollToday  02:01 pm JST

It is on BBC World.

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Wallace thank you.

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Yes ....


Live coverage ....credit to Wallace

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